So.Cal: Conference entertainment rider needed

Hi all,

Thanks for the resources here on the forum. I’m a newly
registered member and somewhat new to unicycling, but I
would like to ask for assistance in an upcoming entertainment

I am hosting a unicycling workshop for young children
and also performing at the main entertainment for
a conference this week at the Westin LAX. The
organization, Muslim American Society, holds periodic
conferences on social, religious, and political issues.
These conferences typically end with a night of sometimes
random entertainment. I have flown indoor R/C aerobatic
freestyle shows, and this year I’m adding a unicycling demo.

Here’s what I have planned:
Myself and another unicycler will face off in a series
of short competitions on stage. The first may be
something like unicycle jousting, using foam pool
noodles. Nothing serious here, and I’m not above
staging the joust.
The next event could be a hockey/polo match, where
first goal wins.
Other ideas are a 1 or 2 lap race on stage, and
perhaps an old-west-style duel, starting back-to-back
with dart guns.

The overwhelming theme here is silliness. We will have
an officiator, and perhaps a set of commentators to
build up the humorful (not a real word) competition to the crowd.
I also have music for each segment, such as
the theme from MP Holy Grail, William Tell Overture,
Hockey Night in Canada, and other borderline
hilarious selections.

Is there anyone from the LA area that would be
interested in helping/performing? The entertainment
is THIS Saturday, November 24th, at 9:00pm
at the Westin.

Ideally, it would be best to have someone with similar
skills as myself. I ride a humble 24" Sun, mostly on
trails in Chatsworth Park and Pierce College. I can
do hops, although only briefly, and cannot ride backward
or idle.

Please feel free to suggest any other ideas that would
be appropriate for this type of event. You can reply
to this thread or email me at

Seriously… MANY thanks for your help.


Sounds like a blast! Too bad I’m so far away. Speak up you locals! I love doing silliness on unicycles for an audience!


Thanks for your words. I’m still desperate for
a riding partner, if anyone is interested and
available. I am considering variations of the
show if I can’t find a rider in time.

Is a showdown between a unicyclist and
a guy hopping on one foot funny?

I just picked up an 18" street uni and borrowed
a Sun 20" trials uni (4.5" tire) from A1 Cycles. These are
available to use during the show.

If we had more time, we could recreate the
Black Knight scene from the Holy Grail. It may
be difficult, however, to joust without using