snowdon...this year?

We doing snowdon again this year? Would like to actually ride on this time round if so.

Apart from the way up - which is uphill all the way.

Carl, who organised a snowdon ride at easter last year is at university this year so I would think that it’s unlikely that he will want to organise one again this year. I may be wrong though.

The snowdon ride in 2005 was the 19th March while the 2006 was the 09th April. I’m planning on doing snowdon again this year as the last two were good fun.

Yep gkmac it is possible to ride snowdon downhill all the way, i think those doing the 3 peaks last year may have done it in one go, I know Roger has.

So i guess someone needs to start throwing some dates around :slight_smile:

How about the first or second week in April

Note from 1st May to 30th September there is a agreed cycling ban on Snowdon.

During thattime are you aloud up but only really early morning.

I’m up for it, just slap out a date and i’ll be there.

I’d be up for it again if I can make it.


I should be up for it

Need to make sure it doesn’t clash with this : and this is in early april (but I suspect clashes here are less important)

I was intending to organise a ride down snowdon in the easter period. If the correct route is taken it can be a combination of slight uphill riding, followed by near verticle climbing and then downhill riding all the way. this is the route I intend to take.

I am well up for Snowdon again! I loved it last time! I expect Leo would come along too, I will have to persuade him to buy a 24" uni this time!

Just give me a date!

Rock on!

Yeah, we should definitely do Snowdon again. How bout we make a weekend of it for those who can spare the time - do a ride on Saturday like some people did last year, and block book a hostel for the night and do Snowdon on Sunday? Wasn’t there a room above Pete’s Eats that you could book for this type of thing? What say ye?

I’d probably be up for it if we can make a weekend of it.

I’m liking the sound of a hostel above a cafe.

I guess you’re talking about the Miners Track. That’s the route we took when we did the Three Peaks Unicycle Challenge and it’s shorter & quicker to get to the top than going up Llanberis Path.

If someone organises it and I’m available I’ll probably come along so I can enjoy the ride down (I was injured last time :frowning: )

BTW Pete’s Eats does some nice large meals :slight_smile:

Depending on when it is I might be up for it. I was thinking of doing it in the summer till I found out about the ban. Do you think anyone would kick up a fuss if I did try and ride snowdon in the summer?

As for accomodation, I know there is a youth hostel in the vague vicinity but I’m not sure how close it is to Snowdon itself.

There is a youth hostel at the bottom of the pyg track. Rooms there are quite nice and it would mean no travel once you were there.

I would be up for this this year if it doesn’t clash with anything else that I am doing

I might be interested, subject to other commitments. What say we ride up the Pyg Track and down Crib Goch?

Sure, sounds fun! Does anyone have a full-body pressure suit and parachute I could borrow? :astonished:

…Crib Goch. One place I said to myself when I was there without a muni ‘mm… I would never want to bring a muni here’.


I’m really keen on going this easter, we can set a date and a time and people who can make it can meet there and then. I’d provisionally set the place as the carpark at the bottom of the miners track, early morning, and date to be confirmed. I’m off for easter from the 17th of March.


March is good for me.

Just remember, dress light, have a waterproof and gloves :slight_smile:

me and loose was having a little squabble over what we gonna do if we make it a weekend.

So start making suggestions guys and we’ll sort a itinerary out.

I’m intrested, but I’d like to start at the bottom of the hill not 1/2 way up :slight_smile:

i’d be interested, as long as it doesnt clash with bjc should be fine