Small Kid + small town + rain + umbrella + unicycle

My kid… :slight_smile:


There’s something about riding a unicycle with an umbrella that somehow looks so dignified and ‘proper’ :smiley: Awesome!

So cool, and she does it so effortlessly! Wish I had started at her age!

People in cars “I’m having one of THOSE days aren’t I?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Cute clip, thanks for the watch.

+1 for all these posts above.:slight_smile:

So neat matthaverly. I admit I’m envious that your daughter can ride a uni in her wellies :slight_smile: I’ve got so stuck in my ways that I can only feel comfy in my uni shoes. (silly I know) Also neat the way your daughter rides round the corner no probs at all. I’d see the car and probby upd :o
Great vid, thanks for posting.

cutest unicycling video I’ve ever seen. :slight_smile:

That put a huge smile on my face. She is rocking the pink boots and umbrella!

That’s one pretty dang cute video! Great job!

Very cute! Your dedicated to riding when you get the umbrella out. Great video.

adorable :slight_smile: thank you!


I thought of exactly the same!! :astonished: Shoes for unicycling have to fit my feet as if they were glued on.

Nice video, anyway! :wink:

Beswt regards,


smiled the whole time. she’s very good!!

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful posts!


with unicyclists being rumored to be put on the endangered species list it is nice to know that there is at least one fledgeling unicyclist in the world.