Small Handle Extension Options

Hi all
I’m looking for ideas on a small handle extension option for riding 4 to 6 km daily.
I found an old post I did over 10 years ago on here and here’s a few photos from that post I posted for my medium size handle extension for uni riding.

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Well I have done that
But still looking for ideas
I have a full TIG welding and gear waiting for me to start making a new version

Very interesting. Did you weld them up yourself? Sorry i didnt read down far enough to answer my own question

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Yes, as a Motorcycle Engineer I was working as a mechanic back in 2010/11 and had all the equipment to make it.
I’m now permanently disabled with the Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, but also have most if not all the tools to make and weld up a new design Mini Hand design.
Just need a few ideas to get going.
Also trying to design a Bell to mount on the underside of the front saddle handle