Slogans & update - Kitchener Unicycle Club

This may seem simple for those with linguistic command, I’m trying to come up with a basic slogan that will help promote the growing unicycle club to the area. We’re open to anyone, and I would say our primary purpose is for the social aspect that comes with a shared activity.

Kitchener Unicyclists:???

Any suggestions? I seem to have hit writers block :thinking:

I don’t really have any suggestions but I just moved to Kitchener. Where do you meet?

“Fun On One”

Your slogan should point peoples’ minds in the direction of what you want them to do. Is your club about indoor riding? Teaching new people? All forms of unicycling? Use your main activities for inspiration.

“Unicycling. Learn it before everyone else does.”


“Can’t stand the heat? Get out of Kitchener and jump in the Waterloo.”


KC & the Sunshine Uni club
The Kit-Can Uni Club


(K, Kit=Kitchener, C, Can=Canada)