sinco - untitled


Vimeo link soon…

really liked the vid

+1 :wink:

wow that was great :astonished:
i like the way you film and edit, amazing

wow it was so awesome the slow mo was great

Wow, The riding and the filming/editing matched each other perfectly(both skill wise and music patterns). I really enjoyed this one.

thanks! :slight_smile:

Vimeo link

That is an epic vid :smiley:
what camera/editing programme do you use?

Very nice editing.

Very nice riding. My favorites where the outflip up the 4, flip up the huge ledge(how many cm approx?), and triple over the rail (haha I see a pattern here).

You just own at editing it all though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Is this the vid that was deleted from UTV?

Awesomeee! :astonished:

Sick video!

Really liked it!

insane !! :astonished:
everything was perfect :slight_smile:
GREAT riding, editing, music

quad flip, triple at over rail(?) (at 3:30),triple back,out up a 4set… it was INSANE, awesome !!! :astonished: :astonished: :):slight_smile:

and a great camera

Awesome, the slow mo was really smooth.

Nah its not. The other vid was played at EUC and parts of this one were filmed there. I’m not sure how big the ledge was but I know Shaun flipped up it last year at wuko.

@ Pele: no this is the new one that jim promised to you cause we delete the other one. it is also avauliablke at utv

and yeah, a really great video!

Tight video, really loved the tricks and slomo.

that is actually awesome!

the cam is a Sony HDR-SR12, and i edited in Premiere CS4…

thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

Triple back was sweet, the triple over the rail was amazing, and the quad was amazingly sweet.

Editing was perfect.

It was badass…compared to other videos on the forum.

But I have to say it didn’t meet my expectations of what I expect when I click on a sinco film. It didn’t even come close to any of your last three films.

The slow motion of the huge flips was cool though. What shutter speed are you shooting in, in just regular sunny settings?

Wow. Sick video, the editing was awesome!