Simon Berry- 720s, Triples

yeah, i did some 720s and tripleflips today :stuck_out_tongue:

comment and the related shizz


sick, keep it up!

awesome triples dude :wink:

thanks guys :smiley:

7s look nice.
Loved the transition from black and white to color.

Hehe 7’s to seat in, sweet.

i love my 7s to seat in, i did one to seat out today for the first time, it didnt feel so nice

You were my inspiration to land 7s to seat in :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video, man. I like those tricks.

I inspired YOU, woahh man! you’ve been inspiring me for months!!

Because of you i really wanna get 900s down.
Off topic i know, but how many people have landed 9s now:

Marcus hahn
dan adelander
Jackob (if thats his name, felixs friend lol)

+more but no online footage (I think I could count 3 more)

Wow ! fastest triples ever ? lol

hoho i didn´t tell you about my friend lol. but i just say ludwig Felhofer(-he is a beast!!) :stuck_out_tongue:
sry ludwig xD

good job, is this your last internet video? haha

Don’t forget about Matty Porter!! One of the firsts 720, and maybe the first to seat in!

There some others. Including Daniel A.

lol :smiley:

He said Daniel A. in his original post :roll_eyes:

Hmm… Who else? Thibault.

Lol what about duncs

This made me lol :stuck_out_tongue:
But unlike some i like making internet videos :smiley:

my name is not jakob its ludwig :stuck_out_tongue:
love your 720s so nicely to seat in. i just can’t spin 720 to seat in xD 900 to seat in should be possible but 720 no way:D