Sideroll, No footer to backflip, and Kickflip!!!

Today I went down to my garage and landed some awesome tricks. I landed a sideroll, an underflip(?), and a KICKFLIP!!!

how many people can kickflip and no footer to backflip, now?


But that kickflip looked like the cranks started to flip before you kicked the wheel.

they did a little bit, not more than a 6th of a revolution. I have gotten them much more clean since that one though. thanks for the comment.

Awesome tricks, you gotta get a better camera so we can see the tricks better!

thank you. I’m sorry about the quality, but i’m not getting my new camera until like, mid december. My mom doesn’t know what I want, so she can’t get it for me for christmas. I have to go pick it out myself.

I’m gonna post a video later of a better quality Kickflip. I won’t be able to edit it or anything, but at least you’ll be able to see it.

Cool, I wanna see it.

I shouldn’t be talking really though, my camera’s quality is just a small bit better than yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

ha, well mine is only crappy because the output format isn’t compatible with WMM. i have to convert all my clips and it destroys the nice quality…

I don’t know if I really count that as a kickflip. It rotates about halfway before I actually kick it. At least I rolled out of it though…

Next time just don’t roll into it…



yeah. I looks better if you roll into it though.

digging the kickflip. i love that trick. well im doing them,adrien, u, and my guess would be loics doing them too

it feels so sick every time I land it. cool that not many pople are doing it, i think it’s going to grow in popularity

what’s an underflip and whats a kickflip?

You’re improving really fast, only about a year of riding right?

The under flip is a no footer to backflip and the kick flip is the one in the las video.

Yep about a year and 3 months. I have only been riding seriously since May 1st though. That’s when I landed my first seat drop and discovered Shaun Johanneson and Kevin McMullin.

Hard stuff there! Guess the dog has seen it a bunch, huh??
Indoor practice is awesome. Great stuff…

You’ve been riding about as long as I have, you’re really good for it. (I was gone for seven weeks in the summer though.) I wish I had a good place to practice indoors! Can you rolling underflip?