Sideroll, No footer to backflip, and Kickflip!!!

That was the problem I had when I first started doing them. But you’ve got the movements so you can definitely get them.

I thought the Hugo Duguay flip was a lot more impressive though.

Those dogs are my biggest fans, they always watch my tricks.

I was without a uni for a month… it sucked… no I cannot rolling underflip, but I have them consistant static. I’ll work on that more tomorrow.

oh I can do them without that. I just used that clip because it was the only time that I actually rolled out of it, and it looked pretty cool. The “hugo duguay flip” is much easier than a kickflip. I think It needs a name.

Sorry for the off-topic, but what is a Hugo Duguay flip?

the underflip. (no footer to backflip). He was the first to land it.

Did he settle on the underflip name did he?? I wasn’t sure if anyone actually ever settled on a name lol. Underflip it is then.

Isn’t underflip (or flip-underflip) the name for a flip to backflip in the air?

That’s a stutterflip. Atleast that’s the name of the footplant variation.

I think Underflip and Overflip make sense (Raphael Pöham landed an Overflip).

I always figured that that was a crankflip revert.

Underflip/Overflip sounds awesome if you ask me. I was extremely close to overflips today too.

whenever somebody lands a flip to backflip, I think we should call it an underflip. Or would it be a flip underflip?

Oh and sweet kickflip:)

Loic landed it at unicon.

that’s insane. did he call it an underflip???

well, flip-underflip would make a lot of sense if a no footer to backflip was named an underflip. because technically, you would just be flipping into an underflip?

It’s a crankflip-underflip, a stutterflip is where you crankflip, catch, lateflip.

i think crankflip to backflip in air would be underflip like the skateboard version

The skateboard version is kickflip underflip.

Therefore, the unicycle version should be crankflip underflip.

I got underflips down rolling, although the backfoot coming off the pedals is almost unnoticeable. I landed a halfrev to lateback. what’s that called???

I also noticed that now that I can underflip, it is extremely easy to do late backflips. How do you edit a post??