Show us your paint job

Just finished a refurb of my old uni that I learned on for my son to have a bash at learning.
Just waiting on a new saddle with a handle. He seems keen and had the idea for the design.(officially his now :joy:)

Interested to see what other custom paint jobs and imaginative designs are out there :grin::+1::art:


So what are you working with here? I would love to know the age an make. Looks great, nice job.

That looks great, Slug!

1995 Pashley.

It looked better in that pic than it actually was.

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I think @withdan and @UniGeezer might have some pictures to share in here.

Awsome, thanks.

Hard to see but its the best picture I’ve got so far. I’ve painted my Oracle 29" frame light pink to match the nipples and pedals. Not as cool as the above job, but I’m happy with it.


Looking for some info…

Has anyone had any experience of powder coating a KH frame?

Nice :ok_hand:. I have those pedals on my Muni :grin:

They were a nice mix between having grippy peddles but not having the pins shred my legs. The plastic pin are nice for grip without shredding the bottom of my shoes too much.

One Hatchet painted first then hydro dipped then clear laquered. The Surly and KH both painted in automotive paint, the Surly is a glow in the dark paint.


They have turned out really nice :ok_hand:
The hatchet looks the business :muscle:

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Has anyone had any experience of powder coating a KH frame?

Not a KH which is aluminum but I had a local paint shop powder coat my steel Nimbus frame. I forget the name of the color combo but I wanted something a little different. I think I got it :grinning:


Nice :ok_hand:

looks tuff, Hammerslough?

Really nice and the powder coat will hold up nicely. For those on a budget trying to achieve a similar finish can use rustolium hammer finish spray paint.

I made this. No longer mine though.


Very nice :ok_hand:… I am sure I have seen that before. Great idea :+1:

nice attention to detail.

That is amazing. I love it!