Show us your paint job

It lives in Stavanger (Norway) now and shall have a handlebar. Wonderful idea, perfect realisation.

It needs a front loader and a mower deck.


Say goodbye to another grey hatchet!!!

Pictures of the complete built later on this week.


I like that colour a lot :ok_hand: goes with your pedals

Et voila

Quite happy with the result, far from perfect compared to a professional paintjob.
Maybe I change the pedals to black or turquoise, as well as the Esi grips on the Ursli-bar (the one on the back is red). Time will tell.


Very nice, the pedals are a great touch too

Looks great! I’m of the same mind that my spray painting jobs aren’t always perfect but they just need to be good enough. My unis always get scratched up, and after buying one of the M41 anodized frames for muni I cry a bit when it gets scratched but my $30 spray paint job I can touch up is easier to fixed and causes less tears.


Acrylic paint and glitter top coat


That’s a sweet ride

A blue nimbus with the top half painted pink, also with glitter top coat. I wanted to paint the whole thing, but only if I could get hold of new stickers. UDC is not selling Nimbus stickers… so I’m keeping it this way for now.


Did you ask about the stickers?

Yeah I asked. I thought udc might have some nimbus ones because they stock oracle and hatchet stickers.but they said no. I’ll decide next summer (when it’s spray painting weather again) what id do with the paint job. Part of me wants to paint it all pink, but i quite like the logo on the uni.

Two tone is a good vintage-ish look, but I think it would look better if it went further down - middle of where the Nimbus stickers are now I think, going for roughly a 1/3-2/3 or a golden ratio split. But you’ve certainly already improved a boring blue frame!

thanks! I might try the golden ratio, sans stickers. While I was spraying on the pink for the first time, the fade was quite impressive, like those old mountain bikes, but it’s hard to do it in a uniform way with spray paint.


ask UDC for the vector file of the sticker, AI-File for example (Adobe Illustrator)
So you can let it plot out of white foil at your local signmaker sorry I don`t know the english word, but someone who put advertising on cars.

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so simple, yet so nice. I dig that 2 tone frame.

Nice set-up for the paint job though, looks clean on the photos! Doing an A1 job with paint cans definitely takes time and practice. Looking good though in that shade of purple.

I love that one, it’s so sick. With some black cranks this beast would look even better, although I’m not sure that’s possible.

That’s badass

Having seen this in person, I can confirm it’s just as snazzy as it looks in the photo.

Cherry Black Pearl on the street uni:


that pearl paint is gorgeous. Is that a powdercoat?

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