should you wear a cup?

does it help?

For baseball I think. I wouldn’t know.

Ever sat on a cup? Think about it.

lmao that facepalm made my day.

Health and Safety: if compulsory cups saves one testicle, it will be worth the loss of freedom for everyone else.

Or to put it another way: no.

If you’re afraid of riding without a cup, they’re probably not big enough to need protecting.

Funny replies.

I’m guessing that you are trying to reduce the pain from riding on a unicycle seat? I would recommend bike shorts and an upgraded seat if you haven’t gotten them yet. A Nimbus gel or KH Fusion are real comfortable. Welcome to this forum and good luck on your progress!


Thank you so much, you made my day!
Simply sit on your but, and wear briefs. If you do that you should be fine.

LOL I have never ridden one with a cup, I was just curious to see if anyone has and if it made a difference.

Like when you are riding long distances on a 24’ if it helped where you don’t need to stop every 3 miles cause your nuts are number than ever.

nah with a cup you’ll probably be sore after riding 3 inches. get bicycle shorts, that’s the best thing.

just for your information: as this is an international forum think of those poor non-native speakers who keep wondering “what is a cup ?” a cup of tea? a helmet? ok now I suppose I know (good thing about the forum is that it updates your english :sunglasses: )

unless you want to cut a gigantic circle around your “garden of good and evil” (who was it that used that earlier?) I wouldn’t put your whole body weight on a cup and sit on it : P

sorry, that euphemism had to be used again. ; P

Cutting Edge Fashion Choices

You could wear a cup. It could either be individually identifying or it could set a trend. In the 80’s Devo wore ‘plastic hair’ and earlier flower pot style hats. So you never know what the “new cool” will be.

If you are to wear the cup as a hat I would suggest that you get an extra large cup so that you don’t have to carve your head down so much. I would also suggest that if you are to go to all the trouble you should carefully select a cup that is very aesthetically pleasing. If it serves as a sufficient helmet I don’t know but doubt it.

I tried wearing a saucer for a while but found that it needed a chin strap. It never caught on so I gave it to Goodwill.

I really hope this helps!

LOL. But I think it’s his other “helmet” he’s worried about.

Hey! That was me. I can’t take credit for it (that may be a good thing). I heard it somewhere, probably a TV show.

but what is your riding tech lines and such and then fall :frowning:

It’s often known as a baseball cup or catcher’s cup as they are required equipment in some sports. They are a hard plastic “cup” that fits around the testicles in case of collision with speeding objects.

I’ve tried riding on them and they merely get in the way. I really wish it were not the case but, alas, I have yet to find one that works for unicycling. Most because you need some movement down there because of the seat and a cup allows none at all.

I wonder what bull riders wear in rodeos?

Tight blue jeans. The cowboy equivalent to biker shorts.

Show of hands who has actually tried wearing a cup while unicycling. Next, feel free to report on how many feet you actually rode while wearing a cup.


  1. yes, tried it back in 2005
  2. it took about 12 feet to form a strong opinion on its value as unicycle safety equipment

Maybe I should try it. Give a female perspective :D.

I tried with karate cups they were ok… but afterwards I stopped crushing my family jewels. So I left those at home (I mean the cup not the family jewels :D)