should unicycling be an olympic sport

i was watching the olympic cycling and i had a thought should unicycling be a olympic sport.

yes it should…if unicycling would be an olympic sport i would watch the olympic games i think… :roll_eyes:

I agree. However I think the best way to introduce unicycling to the olympics is to have a unicyclists ride in the stadium during the opening ceremonies. I think if it’s done surreptiously unicycling may have a foothold in future olympics. Check out Kaori Matsuzawa on YouTube. She would be great in a floor show on a uni.


Not popular enough yet. Maybe in the future.

Good gods no. Just look at what’s happened to other sports that are taken seriously by the huge masses.

i think there are sports in the olympic games that are less popular than unicycling.

I have been thinking that it should be part of the olympics since the opening cerimonies this year
but we would have to designate distance and wheelsize for races and stunt aperatious (however you spell that word) and scoring system


yes but in a way that the chinese would win all the time like diveing

sry i ment yes but not in a way that the chinese would win all the time like diving

I don’t really want uniing to be an olympic sport, because then heaps of people would do it and it wouldn’t be as special!

+1 on that.

Also, unicycling would become dull and would lose its uniqueness that makes people go :astonished: everytime they see someone on the 1 wheel wonder. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the support hazmat. I think if we want to have a unilympics we don’t need the normal olympics, we’ll start our own with th uniroos (hockey roos) and unicycle tennis, basketball, trials ect ect…

personally I like the idea of unilympics:)

Has anyone tried trampolining on their unicycle.

I can picture it but I prefer my face in one piece…

1) Yep, but only on those really small and stiff ones that you find in department stores. :stuck_out_tongue:
2) Well, maybe you should see this then. :smiley:

The thing about that is unicycling isn’t accepted as a sport by most non-unicyclists, they think it’s a clown thing with juggling and tightropes and stuff like that and they wouldn’t let a clown sport go through to the olympics. If unicycling loses its’ clown reputation and more people acknowledge it as a sport then they might make it a olympic event(s) which would be by far the best event(s) in all of the olympics.

c’mon now, do we as a community really want to be taken THAT seriously?
not being laughed at would be nice, but a rigid sport would take the heart out of it i think. it is a past-time, a lifestyle, not a major competition

not at all. it def shouldn’t be in the olympics. and i’m not being sarcastic.