should unicycling be an olympic sport

It would be gay if it was in the olympic
people wouldnt go :astonished: when they see us doing crazy things like riding rails and doing massive gaps.

If unicycling was to break into the Olympic scene it would need to be a demonstration sport first. I think that Muni has the best chance of gaining acceptance as a sport as it is extremely physically demanding and does not have the same “clown on one wheel” feel as seeing people race on standard 24" wheels or even trials. The Muni race could be after a MTB event on the same course.

Is bike trials an Olympic sport? If not we need to get that accepted first before getting unicycle trials in there.

I doubt that Unicycling would ever get past the stage of being a demonstration sport at the games unless someone puts a whole lot of effort into promoting it.

Why would it take the heart out of it? I dont get why people think that.

And why cant it be more than just some hobby? If unicycling is in the olympics, dont you think tons of us will still just ride to ride? Its a choice to take it further, not some mandatory rule that will effect us all.

Look at swimming. Very competitive, yet at the same time how many of us can swim? How many of us just swim for fun or as a hobby, or to get in better shape?

And about the heart of the sport again. I think, the competitors in the olympics have the most love for their sport. The love of a sport doesn’t change no matter how big the sport gets.

Should this thread be a Unicycling Article/Tutorial?

i tried it once, and it hurt like hell!

Were you wearing a “cup”??? :stuck_out_tongue:

road track and MUni racing -sure, but wait at least one more olympic games
freestyle/artistic -maybe
trials/street -no


I totally agree.Best things just get soo bad when they’re taken by the masses.
Not only sports.

We have the unicon,why the olympics?

what an inturesting argument;)

im undersided altough it would be cool for us to watch i think it would bore regulars


I think unicyclists should organise their own uni-olympics, with all the olympic sports, but somehow involving unicycles…not sure how the pole-vault would work though, and canoeing could be difficult too!

not the uni olympics, the unilympics

i think that unicycling should be a sport in the x games because its smaller and less well known than the olympics but big enough to take away most of its clowning reputation, it would be more the size of skateboarding and things but still smaller because its still a young sport. I agree that the olympics would kind of take the heart and unique characteristic about unicycling out of the sport.

I’m gonna try that! Maybe I won’t feel any pain… :stuck_out_tongue: heheh

I agree, but xtreme unicycling is growing right?

No i dont think it should. it needs to be special. We already have big enough events like unicon. as far as the xgames go its a possibility cuz we all want to get away from the clown seen

Well I took my 29er to this year’s Chap Olympiad if that counts (check out the last 3 shots):

I know this is a really old thread, but since it’s been necro’d and nobody seems to mind I figure I’ll add my 2c.

I come from the world of tournament paintball, and we’ve been trying to get it to a stage where it can become Olympic for a while now. You probably think that sounds ridiculous, but remember unicycling sounds equally ridiculous to most people so you can understand how they feel about unicycling.

There are a number of criteria for becoming an olympic sport. This isn’t the full list but here’s the gist of it:

1: Needs to have a decent number of participants worldwide

  • Check, both paintball and unicycling fit this, though tournament paintball is probably bigger in my experience.

2: Needs to have international standard rules and regulations

  • Paintball sortof has this. There are two or three competing standards of team size, field size and gun rules that mess with this.
  • Unicycling also kindof has this, though it depends on the discipline and the people running it. It’s probably still too haphazard in any one discipline.

3: Needs international governing body as well as national bodies

  • Paintball fails at this, there are two or three major international ones than can’t agree on anything, and national bodies are shaky at best.
  • Unicycling is MUCH better on this front. Despite your smaller overall size, the efforts of the guys and the way unicon is run etc. mean you’re far closer to filling this requirement.

4: Needs drug testing

  • Paintball fails, and if it was implemented half of the athletes would be kicked out for weed!
  • Unicycling has a better internal culture, it’s less aggressive and doesn’t have a bad case of “too many chiefs, not enough Indians” as paintball does. Given the good state of the sport in an organisational sense you’d be pretty well set up in this regard.

5: Needs strict conduct requirements

  • see above.

As far as whether it should be in the olympics at all, that’s a question we’ve discussed in paintball too. Generally speaking tournament players want to go upwards and onwards in terms of skill - the camaraderie side of the game is separate enough that losing it wouldn’t be an issue. I suspect the same would be true of unicycling - any one discipline might be affected, but not likely the whole lot. Unicycling is also difficult enough that I can’t see everyone deciding to take it up till it becomes commonplace!

Would the x-games suit unicycling better? Maybe. The problem with the x-games is that they’re all about spectacle. Unicycle trials and flat just doesn’t have the same instant visual appeal as bmx flat or jumps etc. - rather it’s a very technical control sport. This sounds to me like it would be better off in the Olympics. The same applies to paintball. It sounds exciting to watch, but in reality unless you’re familiar with the tactics and details involved it’s quite boring as a spectacle. Again, it’s not about flashy moves, it’s about control, communication and tactics. Like unicycling it probably belongs in the Olympics more than the x-games.

Paintball does have one up on uni - we’ve been in the World Games, essentially a test platform for new Olympic sports which is run by the IOC. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes! If unicycling is ever to make the Olympics, you also need to start at the World Games.

In my opinion unicycling really needs to develop more before it can get to an Olympic level anyway. Technology and standards are still on the way especially in terms of distance racing - people are still experimenting with things like aero bars and geared hubs and such. Nothing has really been settled on in that regard like it has in, say, b!cycling.

If unicycling where to be a olympic sport it would lose it’s flare. I would have to say I’d probally not even bother doing it anymore. The main reason I started unicycling is because I’ve always been and odd kid, doing things others don’t, and that is why I started in the first place, it’s different. How many people do you know that can actually ride one? Not many, and because I am a girl, how many girls do you know that ride one? Probally none.

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