Should I buy Universe or wait for Universe 2?

I’ve never seen Universe, but I hear it’s great. I bought One Tired Guy, and that is excellent. I remember someone saying Universe 2 will be out at the beginning of summer or something, and that the original Universe will be on the DVD as an extra. Is this true? Should I wait until it comes out, or should I get Universe now if it won’t be out for a long time?

Yes and yes. Get Universe now, so you have something to watch. It’ll never go out of style as it’s the first high-quality rough terrain unicycling video.

Universe 2 may take a while before Dan is finished with it. As it is not a commercial project, I get the impression he’s taking the time to make it as cool as possible, and it will be finished when he thinks it’s ready to be finished.

i’d wait.DVD rules.

you dont want to be stuck with a VHS tape like me do you?

anyone want to buy my Vhs tape,it only been watched aboot 10 times and the cover is in mint condition?

Re: Should I buy Universe or wait for Universe 2?

UNiVERsE 2 should have UNiVERsE thrown on it as a special feature, so you might
want to wait.


I don’t like to wait. Buy Universe now. Then buy UniverseII on DVD. Let your friends borrow your first copie of Universe.

buy universe now, and then buy universe II later, then when you get universe II sell universe to some kid for more than you baught it for… that’s the way to go.
-Jonathan Ware-