Should I Buy This Uni?

Well I bit the bullet and went for it. I collect tomorrow morning :smiley:

I just hope to strip the paint back and see the striking blue of kh underneath lol!

Anyone have any thoughts on that seatpost? I’ve never seen one like it…
Also I’ve never seen a kh hub with what looks like q-axle type cranks…

Any thoughts?

Nice one! Enjoy it :slight_smile:

Recently I bought a 24 Muni myself and I love it. I’m actually using it more than my 26 Muni. Much easier to control when trying to do some technical stuff… A good size wheel to improve my Muni skills without breaking my neck!

Can’t help you regarding what your Uni is actually made of… Looks great though :smiley:

The flat part of the frame reminds me of the early 2000’s Summit uni and the hub is more of a Qu-ax 8-spline interface from back in the days.

The combination of both would let me conclude that it is likely to be a KH from 2003/2004 (part of the first models)…

It is still a sturdy muni and you will have plenty of fun with it.

The hub is definitely a kh hub though, but I’ve never seen one with cranks attached like that…

I suppose the real question is ‘Is it worth it’? Including petrol costs to collect it, it’s gonna cost me £80…

Also, I can’t find any other pics anywhere showing that seatpost with built in handlebar.

Thanks for the replies so far though :slight_smile:

I think, it’s an early Qu-Ax Cross 24 (steel) maybe, at leas the wheel. With the old Qu-Ax splined Cranks (not ISIS!)

Seems to be like this uni (only other seatpost and other hub color)

Do you have closer pics of the frame crown and the bearing/hub area?

This seat post is an old KH model with integrated brake holder…i&w=800&h=580&itg=1&bih=644&biw=1173&q=Qu-Ax%20splined%20cranks%20hub&ved=0ahUKEwjatpCasMTTAhVJWRQKHYqpCPw4ZBAzCBsoGTAZ&iact=mrc&uact=8

Hard to say if it’s worth 80 bucks. It’ll be very hard to get spares if sth. breaks.

and black is the original color of these old KH frames

They were the only 2 pics I saved before he took the ad down. There was a close up of the hub though, and it’s definitely got the Kris Holm signature across it.

The frame you’ve posted looks nothing like this one.
Looking at this thread I’d say it’s an early kh frame.

I hadn’t thought of getting hold of replacement parts… Now you’ve got me thinking I should pass :frowning:

Ah, Ok, that’s the one.

Just a quick update, I’ve pulled out of buying this uni. There’s other stuff for my 36er riding that I could spend the cash on…

If anyone is in the LE17 postcode area, he’s wanting £50 collection for it :slight_smile:

I saw it yesterday and wanted it too :wink: , it’s back again but he wants 60£ now, and I have already 24 one.
I live far away from there but in Leicester is juggling convention and thought I can kill two birds with one stone :slight_smile:

Ah cool it’s back up. Here is the link to the full ad, with closer pics of various parts :slight_smile:

E2A I’m probably the time waster he mentions in his ad… I wasted all of about 3 hours between saying I’d like to buy it, and deciding it wasn’t for me (which I text him to say)

I’m not sure why he’s bumped the price up by a tenner lol!

To solve the puzzle:

It’s a 2004 KH24 Mountain with an old Qu-Ax seat of the same time

Thanks for all the info! It’s been an educational day lol

I still think it’s a lot of unicycle for "L"80. Most “normal” unicyclists probably could never break the axle unless they really, really worked at it. I’m sure it will find a home.

For 80 pounds it is a decent unicycle. You would get more than 80 pounds of life out of it and if you muni but no other riders in your area do it would make a good spare so lend so that you dont have to muni on your own. However the crank length and inability to change them without changing the hub would suck. Still very usable however.

Unsure of the bearing spacing on that frame. If it is similar to current KH’s you could change the hub and cranks and it would be better

Sorry, it’s a Thread Hi-jack.

Juni,are you the Unicyclist I saw riding around Lincoln university a while ago ? I think it was a 26” or 29” unicycle, I couldn’t get out of the car quick enough to have a proper look. The person was riding past the sports complex.

BTW, Lincoln is lovely :slight_smile:

I have ridden around Lincoln once, a couple of years ago, and I was on a 26"
At the time I was out for a ride with a friend on his bike. We ended up having a blast in the quarry :slight_smile:

So yes, it might have been me!

If you’re ever in the area give me a shout, I’m always up for a uni meet up :wink:

170mm cranks on 24" wheel??? That’s insane and probably hell to ride!

That’s what a lot of us had back in the day. My Wilder came with 170s, and Mike Tierney (AspenMike) uses something like that or longer for his Road rides in the high country.

Once you start adding brakes to your unicycles (and making them lighter) those long cranks start to be unnecessary.

I have one pair of 170s and put them on a 24 few months ago and the feeling was just great!
Pretty slow, but funny to play with.