Specs for the 2003/2004 CroMo Kh frames?

Hey, I might be able to get a hold of an old CroMo KH frame for my Schlumpf 26er setup. But I’m not sure if it really is a good idea. The questions I have about those frames are:

  • Are the bearing holders going to be compatible with the KH/Schlumpf hub? Or what is the distance from bearing to bearing and what are the other dimensions of the bearing holders?

  • For the 24" model: Will it have enough clearance for a 26x3 Gazzaloddi (70cm diameter), or what is the distance from bearing center to lowest edge of crown?

  • What do the frames (24" and 28") weigh?

Maybe there are people out there who still have these frames. I’d be glad to find out if this could work out well.

The bearing sizes are different (40mm vs 42mm), and the bearing holders aren’t machined, so it won’t work with the KH/Schlumpf hub. It also almost certainly won’t fit a 26x3" Gazz. Sorry.

The Black KH CroMo 2004 frame had machined 42mm bearing holders so bearing size will mot be an issue but the inner lip on the bearing holder might need filing off to fit with the greater axle diameter of the Kh/Schlumpf hub.

The bearing spacing was the standard 100mm (center to center)

I suspect a 26x3 Gazzaloddi tire will not fit but you should be able to fit a smaller 26 inch tire in the 24 inch frame.

Obviously the brake mounts will be in the wrong place for a 26 inch rim.

The KH CroMo frames were only available in 20 inch and 24 inch as far as I remember.


the bearing holders are somewhere inbetween, they’re not pressed steel like the old nimbus, nor cut form billet like the current KH, but I believe they are machined inside so will have the tolerances required. Deff 42mm diametre btw. Tyre clearance is poor due to the webbing plate under the crown. Also they weigh an absoloute tonne.

Okay, thanks for your replies. Maybe one could trim that webbing plate down a little in order to fit bigger tires. So the bearings should fit, actually. Brake mounts could be taken off and welded on in the right location pretty easily since it is steel. I kind of like the oldschool design. Would be great to know the exact specs for weight and tire fitting, though.

Really? Bear in mind that almost all tyres that people use on 26" wheels for muni are significantly larger than a 24"x3". All the KH frames I’ve seen have been quite close clearance, I’d think there’d be no chance of putting a 26" in a 24" except if you had a 26x1.0 slick type tyre.

I would guess once you’d got the bearing holders milled, the frame cut up for tyre clearance etc. you’d have spent more than for a KH26 frame, and you’d also have voided the warranty on the very expensive hub (they don’t warranty for frame incompatibility problems with frames other than the KH ones designed for the hub).