old style qu-ax cranks

I can get an old Qu-ax 24" muni for $100. It comes with 170 cranks and will need a tire if I ride it lots. I have never munied before but 170s are way long on my 26 and all the new 24s come with 150s or 145s. I did a little research and the old Qu-ax unis had a different spline than Isis. The seller thinks it is the old interface. What is this interface called? I’m beginning to think it isn’t worth it.

It may have the old QuAx splined hub which was similar to the old Torker DX. I’m pretty sure old Torker cranks fit, and that UDC.UK had some QuAx cranks for it. You may also call Goudurix and see if they have any sitting around. It’s just the sort of thing that could be sitting on a shelf, but not on ebsites anymore.

I think the old yellow hub from Qu-ax were using some 10-spline cranks (you can see some listed in the municycle.com shop back on 2006)

You may get lucky asking in the Trading section or asking around for old stock/left over in garage/damaged unicycles.

If I remember well, the choice was reduced to 170mm, 145mm & 125mm.

Good luck with your search (and you can see it as an opportunity to become an extreme muni climber :D).

From what i can see, UDC UK seems to not have those cranks anymore. Just KH/Onza 170mm left.

If you want a different size crank that is going to mean a wheel rebuild with a new hub and cranks possibly with adaptor bearings (can’t remember if splined is 40 or 42mm). Thats going to get very expensive, very fast.

Personally I’d advise you leave off this uni, yes its being sold for a steal but unless you are comfortable with building wheels and have a parts box full of spare cranks it isn’t worth it.

Thanks everyone. I think I will throw a hail Mary on the trading post and if that doesn’t work, let this one pass. If I researched correctly the old Qu-ax splined hub has straight splines vs. the tapered Isis splines. Are they a different diameter?

Jacoflans might have some older Torker 150’s. Not sure if anyone can tell from the picture of the Qu-ax linked below if they would fit. They look different than isis to me.