Short Gliding vid

Heres a short vid of me gliding down the hill up the road from my house. Its not that great, just gliding realy. I only made it because I can now do it and I love it :smiley:

Thanks for all your advise, only took like a few weeks in the end, although I could ww before.

Bah, put a shirt on. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was too hot, if there wasnt so many people walking/driving by I wouldnt have had the shorts on either :slight_smile:

Sweet, good job. I still need to learn to WW before I will be able to do this.

And I don’t wear a shirt when I unicycle either

nonsense i could glide before WW any decent distance.

try to push less. a steeper hill would help too.

Good job. You need to find a real hill though. Its soo much fun. :slight_smile:
Edit: Brian Im not following your posts. Promise. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? so then what are the steps to learning to glide? I think I should get on this…

gliding is outdated haha, coasting is a way better haha :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:
good job anyway keep it up

– bobousse

i learned on a steep hill so i didn’t need to push.
push once or twice to get going. and glide

yeah ok
coast a steep long hill and tell me gliding is outdated and coasting is better

it was ironic stop being uppset, and yes coasting down a hill is possible

And way more impressive:p

yeah but you will by flying down a hill that is possible to crawl down while gliding.
and yeah it is way more impressive, including the scars you will get.
it is always more possible to get down a steeper hill gliding, than coasting

What is the difference between gliding and coasting? I thought they were the same thing…

Yay! I can glide now too…but there is not a single hill in my city :frowning:

I have to go to paved walkways in parks to practice…

good work mate. where do you live?
i just learnt how to glide too, i learnt it doing it down a small slope. then moved up to a really steep one, its not harder and you go way faster. and you dont have to push, once you get going

i dont want to start a new thread to show me gliding, so could i post it here? up to you as its your thread.

I know the hill is too shallow and that was the steepest part of it. There isnt another as steep as it for probably 7miles :frowning: when it stops raining and drys out I am going to get my friend to tow me on his bike, if it goes well I will try and get a video of it :stuck_out_tongue:

If you hit a puddle whilst gliding is it almost certain that you will loose it off the back? because with the tyre and shoes I have I find that when they get wet you cant push hard enough if your falling backwards to slow the wheel up enough to stay on.

Yea sure go ahead I dont mind, have you litraly just learned? like just now?

where do you live (country)?
well yesterday was the first time ive done it down a big slope, but before that i had onnly had one day of practice gliding.