"I'm single" unicycle shirt

This is a website that does “one shirt a day” and today that have shirt for singles that’s very relevant to unicyclists!

I bought one.

Sweet. Just ordered one. It will be my VD present to myself. Haha.

jerrick and i can wear them together

Just make sure to call me in the morning so we can plan on what to wear that day.

Just ordered 2.

Hit me up when there sold out to buy 1 at $20 jajajajaja
Just kidding, Im keeping them both unless they don’t fit.

Wonder how my girlfriend is gonna feel about it :angry:

I’m running out of clean Tshirts so I’ve ordered one too. $5 shipping to UK isn’t too bad. I like this site.

Just ordered one too, bargain!


Make sure you read the product description… I wonder who wrote it? It’s funny, and not in a they-don’t-know-crap-about-unicycling way, more of a somebody-knows-us way. :slight_smile:

Just saw this on woot and I almost made a new post out of excitement!

The description was pretty funny :slight_smile:

Got one, I wonder how my girlfriend will feel though. (But seriously a uni shirt for $10 and free shipping, I couldn’t resist)

Here is another uni thing from the artists website (


I was JUST about to post this topic, but it looks like i was beaten to it

Just bought one also. Only five bucks for international shipping.

Ahh, Its gone, i wanted to get it but its no longer yesturday… is there anyway of still buying it?

I believe you’re out of luck unless it becomes a favorite in their day of reckoning thing and then it’s $15. I believe Standupnfall said he’d sell his second one for $20.

I thought I saw a way to get reprints, but the FAQ says

EDIT: I knew I wasn’t seeing things. That ^ is just for, not You can get old designs from HERE. The uni one is HERE, but now costs $15.00.

I ordered a M and an L. if one or the other doesnt fit I will gladly sell it for $10 plus a couple bucks shipping, not looking to make money of anyone here, it was a joke.

Plus Im hoping they are both wearable and I wont have to sell either.
We shall see when they arrive.

bought a $15.00 still worth it :slight_smile: Thanks

Here ya go… sorry couldnt get it any bigger, it says “I’m Single”

Im single uni.jpg

is it just me or has the quality of the shirt.woot shirts, derbies, and entries gone down exponentially along with their new website? Same thing with woot and their products, I don’t even bother checking it every day anymore just because there is never anything good anymore.