Shipping a Unicycle

Where can I find cases for shipping a unicycle 29 nimbus ?
Any used ones for sale or websites available.
Need to transport on a plane or UPS. I need my fix(Uni-riding):smiley: :astonished: when I am at a conference in Sept.

Check out the bag I use, see following images for instructions.

The hard part is finding the bag. I don’t know any “regular” stores to recommend. Mine comes from the luggage vendor at my local flea market. They last up to a half dozen flights or so, then you get a new one for $25-$35!

Thanks for the tip

I just used a Disney World.

I am happy with the Rome wheel bag. I have shipped a 29" wheel unicycle. To make it easier to put the wheel in the bag, I put a ‘tie down’ strap around flattened tire to hold it compressed. The strap may not be necessary. I liked that it allowed me to easily put the wheel well into the case, so that it didn’t pressing on the zipper. I was worried that the tire pressing against the zipper could possibly cause it to split open.

The rome bag was available on ebay for ~$30.00, plus shipping.

Regarding UPS it’d be much cheaper to send via DHL. I never used to until I found out my 26" bike shipped out for $28 :smiley: UPS would’ve charged me easy $50…

I flew with my kh24 a few weeks ago. I just brought the uni as-is and handed it to them as a piece of luggage. No problem. They decided they wanted to stick it in a bag like they do car-seats.