Shin Scars

Well , I´m With two scars I get on the metal pedals pins , And Myquestion is about , what kind of medicine I can use to decrease the size of the scars?
I´m used with scars , I have a lot in my body , but all my scars they aren´t too big, but my shin cicatrix are a bit big , I will go to the doctor but first I will ask here because i think a lot of people problably had the same problem !
Thanks and Cheers for eevrybody!

Shin Scars

Leg armor.

Sorry, I don’t have any advice for treating existing scars. But if you don’t like them and plan to continue unicycling, make your choice before you get the next one(s)!

Vitiman E is good to reduce scars. You can either break open liquid gel capsules and apply it topically or I have seen it in stick on packages like chap stick

Skin Graphs.

Why not get some shin guards? even some cheapie soccer/football shin guards will help

Scars fade with age, not much you can do to change your skin from the outside.

Scar tissue is a different cell structure that is a response to trauma. In time your body breaks down scar tissue to a degree and replaces it with normal tissue.

Leg armor will prevent future scars, but then what fun is that :smiley:

I have some mean scars on my legs and even a huge faded blue patch from when I got hit by a car a year ago! (The dude made a left turn right in front of me without indicating and his excuse was he thought I’d brake in time - I was on a bike not a uni) I look at them like tatoos - they remind me of rides I’ve had :smiley:

Battle wounds. I’m proud of mine though I try to limit them with leg armor.