shaven white tyre

has anyone shaved a white tyre yet?


I am actually in the process of shaving a nimbus blizzard… I kinda forgot about it though. I might finish it up soon.

cool, get some pics soon?

I’ll post some when it’s done… May be a week, may be months. It depends on how bored I get. Most of the knobs are clipped. I just need to finish that, mount it, and take a sander to it. I made a huge mistake of starting before the tire was Completely bald. I learned my lesson.

I have the picture of a K-1 Flatland uni with a shaved Try-All white tire saved on my computer. If I can find it I’ll post it tomorrow. It looks pretty funny to me. And the tire was brand new so it just looks crazy… :stuck_out_tongue:

found one, its the one right at the bottom…

You can click on the post # at the top right corner of the post and then you can give the link for a more precise linking. Or for a link that just works [I use 40 post per page so your link doesn’t get me to the right page for example]

Anyways, that’s the picture:

There was a light pink unicycle on the family section of the old koxx-one website with a super smoothly shaved white try-all tire, but since the site change I couldn’t find the picture.

That’s the picture I have saved on my computer :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post it tonight if I still have it.

That’s my unicycle <3

Man I just realized how much it’s changed, the only thing left from that picture is the seatclamp.

Shaved tyres look so weird xD… so round

But it’s still your grandfather’s unicycle?


Look up “grandfather’s axe”