Shaun,keaton,jerad and kelly's spring break vid is... HERE

There you all go enjoy (THE PIG IS SWEET)

Yo everyone. You can also find it here

Enjoy. Sorry it took so long.

-Shaun Johanneson

Thanks dude. Im sooo pumped and ready to see.


Shaun, I very much enjoyed the video! Awesome tricks in there, and I enjoy seeing all the extra footy too, just to see you hanging out and having a good time. Good job man, your tricks are mad-psyco basically. Good job to everyone who was in the vid.


Another nice one man. Congratulations.

Thanks for putting me in the vid. Peace. KH.

hahaha, that was a sweeet movie!

Hahah sweet vid guys, it’s nice to see that Shaun is still human and bails occasionally. Keaton looks different with hair…

Awesome. Totally. One of the only vids I’ve laughed out loud to :stuck_out_tongue:

Shaun, you forgot to bleep out the F*** word at the end!

Haha, I’ve always had hair…

The most fun!

Really enjoyed the video. My eyes are tearing from laughing.

The riding is awesome.

ive got jitters…ive been waiting soo long…its downloading now…if im not to excitexd to type after ill report back.

that was amazing…i loved the double down the set…and that pig was arguably the best part of the whole movie!

Hey Keaton, are you in a screamo band? it seems like it;)
The vid was crazy, I want to go out and ride now…

Haha, yeah, I actually am. If you’re bored check us out -

The recording isnt the best mixed, but it’s all right.

Yeah, dude, I want to out too. It just f***ing snowed here though AGRH

link dosent work yo

now it does

yes thank you

Hmmm…i’m sure you had a distinct lack of hair in Defect…

Pretty cool, I think I enjoyed the intro as much as the riding, it’s amazing what a little directing can do to a video :sunglasses:
I can’t wait to add that one to my selection…