Shaun,keaton,jerad and kelly's spring break vid is... HERE

That was a neat vid guys!

It was cool to get a mix of riding, and the “behind the scenes,” per se.

You guys have a temendous amount of energy. I hope it continues to motivate your riding and video making.

Keep it up!


Nice video guys, truely entertained me from start to finish. Shaun’s dancing was off the hook.
Now to business, loved your unispins down stair sets, any tips from any of you guys???
'preciate it, once again, nice work.

Klownlife, for that I would talk to Keaton (obscene_suggestions). He is the master at unispins. Pretty much all the other unispins in the vid down sets, had flips involved. Like Shaun’s hickflips, treyflips, and varials.

I think im just rattling on about nothing. Ha nvrmind.


Thoroughly awesome. Kelly youre amazing for such a young rider, man. I agree, a lot of energy throughout the vid, VERY nice.

He just had a distinct hat…and not the same awesome glasses. jealous

There was some sick tricks, man…
Actually they all were quite sick. Great vid, keep´em coming :slight_smile:

Thanks Kelly, if Keaton has any tips I would really 'preciate hearing them. Have no idea where to start with this trick, have no problem with jumpin or unispins just the combination blows my mind.
Keaton if you’re reading this man, get back to me.

nice video, I like the randomness of it.

Thanks Chosen, I an’t that young ha. Just kidding.

Thanks for all the compliments.


haha, first of all, I’m no where near the unispin master. Secondly, the best way to learn the stupid unispin drops is to practice (obviously). Try having your tire on the very edge of the object you’re dropping from. By doing that you get a bounce and the cranks wont spin at all. Same goes for aerial drops.


thanks for the motivation. now im going to get off of my butt and go ride my butt off.


maybe they were implying that he had a lack of hair somewhere else. giving the impression that you hadnt quite reached ‘man’ status yet. whether thats true or not regardless is a quite disturbing and posing question. one which i can do without knowing.

the screamo band thing just raises even more questions


great vid

Oh! Cool! I didn’t know it was posted yet!

I believe you :wink: You were probably there so you’d know best

thats it shaun, techno dance off, RIGHT NOW!

lol awesome vid boys.


that doesn’t make sence

Keaton, its good to see you back on the forums. Just for the record…is this your 3rd or 4th account? Nah man im just playing. Don’t worry about Tomsey. He still thinks im a cowboy, Ha.


I think this is my 5th account

haha, yeah. that’s about right. haha. That’s rad.

Haha I thought so. But the only one i knew of was like…promo. Yeah, I think that was it.

Hello Shaun.