serious traing wheels(3)

check this out. is this a trike? pedals on front two wheels on back?

IT’s just goofy, almsot a penny farthing but not. I can’t imagine that contraption would even be very rideable, except maybe by a true unicyclist leanign very far forward to lift the back wheels off the ground.

Technically it’s a tricycle. But it’s also the best example of a unicycle with training wheels I’ve seen! “Best” in terms of that’s what it looks like. But it also looks extremely weak. I can’t imagine that rear framework being very rigid, the little wheels look like crap, and I bet if an adult really tried to learn to ride with one of those the rear frame would soon break off at the clamp.

But I’ve never tried one, nor have I seen one in person, so I could be wrong…

A girl rode in the Marietta parade with handlebars attached to a wheel via a long pole. It wasn’t attached to the uni at all. She just pushed it around. It looked very cool. Crowd loved it. I tried it for fun. I could see how that would be helpful to someone learning to ride

I’m also not sure of the value of those wheels behind you. Maybe they take 60 degrees or so out of the equation-you won’t fall backwards, so you only have to worry about falling sideways or forward. Could that be helpful? I dunno.

well yeah, you could learn to ride forward pretty easily, seeing as that’s the only way you can go, or fall off. pretty neat. might make it a little faster to learn.

Ive tried similar things, I found it Harder to ride than a unicycle, I dont think it would help anyone learn to ride.