Second Day of Practice Video

This is for your amusement. Please feel free to critique and give advice. This is after about 4 hours total of unicycling. My daughter made the video.

not bad for 4hrs of practice!!:smiley:

Thats pretty good! Too bad you dont live close as it would be fun to progress with someone on my level. Cant wait til I get the new uni with the big pedals and fat tire so I can learn to mount too.

cbs what are you riding right now?

a 16" torker with teeny pedals with zero traction and a skinny tire, pretty tiny. Good enough to know I like it!

Oh wow, yeah that’s small, the torker lx 20 is pretty nice. I don’t know much about unicycles, but I know the uni’s can only get better.

Learnin fast there mbalmer! (nice name btw)

4 hours?? :astonished: It took me about 4 months to learn something like that! And you can do the static mount? I’m practising that now - but so far with only a limited success rate.
Just continue riding! It looks good! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Ya you are doing great…I have 15 hours on my 26" uni and I am not half as good as that?! I am very excited for when I can just pedal down the road and steer a little. Maybe it is me or the 26"er but I can’t wait til I am as good as you.

Still practicing and I am starting to get it.

Glad to hear finally that some people dont learn to ride in 1-2 days. It took me 2 weeks, 6 hrs of practice about, to learn to ride down the road. I figured I just sucked or something… On my uni, I think its almost impossible to freemount it as you have to put your feet on the ends of the pedals they are so small lol. But I put in my order today and hope they called it in!

I could ride my driveway by day 1, and down the street day 2 =P But I had nothing to do those days, so I practiced alot. It’s not how many days you’ve been doing it, or months, it’s how often :slight_smile:

I’m about 1/3 freemounting, but for some reason, I dunno if its just in my mind or not, but I can’t freemount right by my house, it’s really weird. I’m like 1/20 freemounting by my house, the rest of the time, on flat ground, 1/3 Once I get nice and comfy, I think I’ll try one foot riding and wheel walking and such, looks very fun!

I think sometimes unicycling is mental. I can ride better in certain places then others. If I’m dead tired, I dont do well, if the winds are 40 mph, forget it lol, if its raining or my feet/pedals are wet on my cheap uni, forget it. I’m out of shape from my injuries. If I uni more then an hour my knee bothers me. But this is why I’m a total wus and taking the slow safe route. This is my arm now. :astonished: I did that skating vert but now I’m totally taming it out lol. But I think you guys/gals are doing great!

Yikes. Did that happen with protective gear? Last year I broke my leg snowboarding. Some how my board got caught in my jacket and yanked my legs back. SNAP! It was the weirdest thing. Mine was an easy clean break that required no surgery.

I don’t get the side motion on the unicycle. When I try to idle I can’t figure out how to keep from going to one side or other. Forward/backward doesn’t seem to be a big deal. I know that is a little more advanced, but are you supposed to lean with your upper body or do something with your feet? I’m not even sure my question makes sense.

Just remember that this was edited. I had many more unsuccesses than successes. I do feel pretty good about my progress, but I’m impatient. I want it to be second nature already so I can focus on other things like off road.

I broke it flatlanding 10 feet in a concrete vert bowl. It broke in 3 places. I was changing jobs so afraid to go to the Dr and stopped my medical. So I didnt go for 7 weeks, by then the pieces died. They took bone out of my hip and that puffy stuff is hip bone lol, crazy stuff they can do! This has been a nightmare but it got me thinking well I will learn unicycling as its no hands. :smiley: But I’m still mentally scared to fall. I never had a break like that. I will always wear elbows cause I will never, I hope, fall on an outstretched hand again! My uni is my present to myself for getting through all this.

I’m not idling yet. The way I understand it is you push with the foot at the bottom and go back and forth around the perpendicular to ground position. I tried but wont get that for awhile. I ALWAYS ride and kinda go side to side with my wheel. Thats the only way I know to go far. Thats how I get the sideways balance. My main goal right now is to be able to ride around non stop, turn, go up/down hills, mount and eventually idle so I can ride to work. :D:D:D:D

I wish you lived by me as you seem to like crazy stuff too lol.

Ouch! Luckly all of my leg brakes have been clean. Motocross has taken a toll on my body in 08’ Broke my Leg (tibia and fibula) twice in 1 year. i was on crutches for 6 months. The second leg injury was terrible, broke my Tibia in 2 places and the fibula in 1 and i could feel my leg fold everytime we hit a bump on the 5 hour car ride to the hospital! :o

Not to sound mean or anything cbs, but you can plug an MP3 player into it?? What is that thing with the chord? =O

I made 2 revolutions backwards today!! =D But it was a really bad day for me, I just kept falling off for some reason, it was windy but not THAT windy… I was trying to relax more, and it actually made me fall more haha…

Dang was that the same place when you broke it twice? Cause my Dr. said its healed 98% but I dont know if that means it can take a hard fall or not. Not like 10 feet lol, but a normal hard fall.

Thats not mean! I told my Dr. my arm healed well the 2nd time cause the ipod gave it some good tunes lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope my insurance thing is OK, and its out soon but I want to keep it for a souvenir. Its wild! No, its under my skin right now so cant hear any tunes myself, lol, darn! Just dont wanna break again. So far I’m lucky as at least my arm doesnt set the alarm off in Home Depot lol. The thing with the cord is a wire and the rod sends electrical impulses to stimulate bone healing.

Oh, I had a bad day the other day after I took 2 days off. Then today the wind gusts were 40mph and it was blowing me to Kansas hahahaha. But I’m going early tomorrow before it rains. I like to practice a bit everyday cause I lose time catching back up if I miss days. I might have to ride my skateboard too. I like to study hard for exams! :smiley:

Hey backwards is cool, vid?

Haha, yeah I’ve got the uni-fever, I just wanna practice all day. But I’m horribly out of shape, plus riding in my neighborhood means going up and down hills all the time, both of which are very tiring, downhill moreso than uphill! Cuz I can’t control my cranks very well when they’re spinning like mad, so I have to hold back a ton just so I can stay on, it works out whatever muscle that is above your knee on the front, and I haven’t felt that muscle worked out in a looooong time.

You are doing great after only a few hours of practice. Ride a lot. Work on turning both directions. You are doing very well mounting–I did not really try free mounts until I had been riding for a while. Most people find it harder to ride on grass initially; a smooth surface is the easiest thing to learn on. Try going up and down the driveway slope to the sidewalk for a modest challenge.

Keep it up!