Seattle 36er Ride Wed. Dec. 29

Hi all:
Unipilot69 and I will be taking a ride on the Burke-Gilman trail in Seattle on Wednesday, December 29. We’ll probably be starting late morning, 10:30-11ish, tentatively starting at the Matthews Beach Park. Details TBA as we hopefully get more riders.

Unipilot69 has been riding for 31 years, but has never ridden with another unicyclist - let’s get a good group together for him (um, and me)! :slight_smile:

Cool…BungeeJoe has alerted a few locals, and this local will alert some more, see if we can get at least a couple riders together. We’ve been, uh, fairly pathetic in the organized ride department this past year.

Any particular reason for selecting the B-G Trail? We have a pretty fun loop that starts at Gasworks Park, takes in a little bit of the trail, but also goes through Fremont, to the Ballard Locks, the Fisherman’s Wharf, and even potentially downtown Seattle. Most of it is on trail or on lightly-trafficed streets. Anyway, something to consider.


I am also trying to set up a Gas Works trials ride in seattle this winter break. Date is un-confirmed yet. Let me know if interested!

Not set on location, just looked like a good way to ride without worrying about traffic (neither unipilot nor myself have ever ridden the trail). I’m definitely open to suggestions from locals who know better, especially if you’ll join the ride!

How long of a ride is this? I have a 36er but I moved into town so I don’t use it to commute anymore, and therefore only ride it every once and a while when I get motivated for it… so I’m not really sure how far I could make it anymore. So this is a maybe depending on distances.

Yes! Can you make the 29th work?
I’ll be in town that whole week, and could maybe push to do two rides. However, unipilot69 and I will probably meet up on the 29th regardless, as it’s the best day for both of us.

Edit: Oops, so excited on first read, I missed that you’re looking for trials riders. Not my game, sorry.

Haha, I’ve never done a group ride before, so not sure what others might expect. For me, I figure 10 miles is worth showing up for (although actually I’d show up just to ride with someone for a mile or two, then continue on my own), I could easily do 15, I know 20 is doable for me, and riding with others I’m sure I could be pushed to go 25 or more (who needs to walk the next day, anyhow?). A 16 mile all off road ride is my longest 36er ride so far.

Particularly if we meet on a well developed trail, I’d suggest you should feel confortable showing up. I doubt anyone would be offended if you decide to cut the ride short of what others might choose to do.

These rides to Fisherman’s Wharf started to get a little bit long so we shortened it by going to Fisherman’s Terminal instead. That way we didn’t have to pedal all the way to San Fransisco.


I’m down for a trials ride. However, I’m going to be out of town Dec. 22nd - Jan 1st. If you can do before or after that (most likely after, since it looks like rain, rain, rain for the next week), then let’s make it happen.


Yes,sounds FUN, count me in.

Great - I look forward to meeting you!

Route details?

@ tomblackwood, harper, or whoever knows:
Can you give some more details on the loop? Via maps I can see how to get from Gasworks to the locks, but then I lose it. Are you able to actually cross the locks? Also, what approx. mileage do you usually ride?

Another thought: with a downtownish loop, should be easy to find food. Are others interested in stopping for lunch together? If not, that’s cool, but I’ll bring food with me (I don’t like to skip meals).

Riders are allowed to walk their cycles across the locks. There is a walkway across each lock gate. From the locks there is a steep driveway that goes up to three or four homes and to a wooden footbridge across the railroad tracks. You won’t be able to find that on maps either. If you look on maps you will find that there is a spur of Gilman Ave across the railroad tracks and south of the locks. That’s where the footbridge ends. From that point we usually go through Discovery Park and then through Magnolia to downtown.

Sometimes we go from Gasworks Park to the Ballard Bridge and across the bridge to Fisherman’s Terminal. From there, along the bottom east side of Magnolia there is a bike trail that leads to the two waterfront parks, Myrtle Edwards and Elliot Bay. Then we go along the waterfront strip and the downtown piers.

If I were a techie guy maybe I could trace that on maps for you. But I think that you can find the points that I mentioned. Any route we take involves crossing an interesting bridge and is visually very busy. Lots of hills with nice territorial views and all of the options are pretty. Plenty of food options as well as espresso and gelato.


And I thought the food, espresso and gelato stops are mandatory!

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You should have been here today. The sun’s out, it’s crystal clear, Mt. Rainier, the Cascades, and the Olympics are all clearly visible. It must be 45 degrees out. I went for a four mile ride to test my knee. It seemed to kind of work OK. I think I’ll give it a whirl when you’re here.

I can’t believe I misspelled San Francisco in an earlier post. What a goof. I hope Nathan doesn’t see that.

Joe doesn’t realize that “options” can mean “choices” as well. Of course he may be thinking that any and all food and espresso opportunities are not to be passed up and, as such, are not optional. Joe usually has this kind of healthy attitude about things.

Finally, I think our urban rides ring in at around 15 miles plus or minus 3. Somebody who has a speedometer (I only have the Speedo and I look good in it) and cares about that kind of stuff can let you know more accurately. We take lots of breaks and average about 6mph or less because of it. If we have lunch somewhere we might be gone three or four hours. Sunset is around 4:30 here right now.

OK, just keep the weather constant, and this is souding perfect. :slight_smile:

Weather here today was about 20 degrees F, with just a little bit of fresh snow. Winter storm warning for tonight, though. I felt the need to make sure I’m up to riding with y’all, so I took the Coker out for its first winter ride of any significant length. Got in about 9 miles, with a couple of those on snow covered choppy ice. It was tons of fun, but the Coker and I are both looking forward to riding in (hopefully) less hostile conditions in Seattle.

Hey Tony! Let me know if this actually happens, I’ve never ridden at Gas Works but it looks like fun.

Is this still the plan? Gotta get it on my calendar if I’m going to make it.

Gas Works 11:00 start

Date and time still the plan, although I think the route will be one of the loop rides discussed above. Late morning was to let it warm up a little and allow unipilot the 1.5 hour bus ride from Tacoma.

Let’s just set it: Wed 29th, meet at Gas Works park, in the parking lot, at 11:00 a.m. Plan to ride 15ish miles over 3-4 hours, with stops for food/gelato/coffee as the mood hits us. :slight_smile:

I’m supposed to have next week off. Hope to make this.