Seattle 36er Ride Wed. Dec. 29

Looks Fun

I should be around during this time frame, knock on wood. I’ve met quite a few unicyclists here but not too many from Seattle yet, though somewhat it feels I know a little about many of them.

I will keep in mind not to “tailgate” Tom Blackwood and ride close enough to hear Harper’s “sage” commentary. It may be necessary to put some sort of governor on bungeejoe’s uni or he will quickly disappear into the distant horizon.

Hope good weather prevails but I will roll with whatever.

That’s great, hope to see you there!
And yeah, after watching the recent video of bungeejoe climbing ridiculous grades, clipless and on 110’s, I’m thinking of bringing him a tow rope with a couple cinder blocks as a Christmas present, so he won’t get too bored. Or if not, it sounds like we might at least be able to catch up to him at the various espresso and gelato stops. :slight_smile:

Hi All:
I’m in Seattle, spent the day at the zoo today. Weather not too bad; it is after all Seattle in December. :roll_eyes: Wednesday weather is actually supposed to be a little better than today, so it’s sounding pretty good!
Hope to see a bunch of you at Gas Works at 11 on Wednesday. :slight_smile:

11:00 it is. Looks like stormy weather. Maybe some snow if we’re lucky.

Unfortunately, I’ve been ill almost two weeks which is very unusual for me. So riding in the cold and wet weather on Wednesday might be detrimental for yours truly. I might hit Colonnade around noon, though. At least it’s covered.


I PM’ed my cell phone number to you. See you at 11:00.

What a great day for your ride(at least over on this side of the water). I hope it went well.

haha, still at it, just stopped for lunch! Having a great time!

hows the weather out there? im about 40 minutes east from seattle and got snow

Weather was great today, actually got some sun in the afternoon.

Thanks for a great ride everyone. I’ve posted a few pictures on the “latest ride” thread. I hope to do it again!


Thanks for organizing the ride. It was a treat meeting you, Kevin, and Shannon. I hope the SARs rides again before you come into town next time. We’ve been pretty lame, lately.

Great luck on the weather, too. I hope you enjoyed some of our pretty sites. Next time we go over a scary bridge.

OK, no more wimping out on the bridges.

Actually, seeing as how the weather looks like it will be great tomorrow, and I’m pretty burnt out on museums even with the day off mid-week, I’m taking my son out riding tomorrow. Probably headed to Duthie Hill. Anyone want to join us? . . . and yeah, I understand that this message probably won’t get to anybody in time, but thought it worth a shot in the dark.