Seatdrop City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a video of lots of seatdrop variations, check it out!!!

Youtube link

Google Video link

Nice vid man ;D

Good vid and many tricks I’ve never seen, but still pretty easy looking. I need to try those sometime.

I agree that was your best trick of the bunch.

sorry, but it is not a 180 unispin to seat drop, because he landed the unispin while holding the seat and then he did his seat drop. To succeed a 180 unispin to seat drop, you need to land the unispin and the same time ( without touching the saddle ) you do the seat drop which I think is pretty hard thing to do.

That was an original video, congratulation!
I liked the idea of seatdrop variations

good movie, I liked the music:p

Yeah I figured it wasn’t perfect, I was thinking of it as doing both tricks with out doing any hops in between them. Thats why I said 180 unispin TO seatdrop.
It wasn’t 180 unispin seatdrop. I hope this isn’t confusing :thinking:
and I hope you see what I was trying to do.
Anyway, I’m Glad you enjoyed it:D :smiley:

its really cool to see how some peoples choose a trick and keep studying all the variations of it.
like shaun’s on crankflip, or you on seat drop

i never tought on a double seat drop, but i did a 180 unispin to seatdrop one time but i was not trying to do it hehe :smiley:

congrats! i liked it

nice tricks!! :wink: I’m going to try, there are easy looking! :roll_eyes:

I like the one foot unispin. Cool seeing everything in slow motion too.

I still cant land a uni-spin, but I learned a seat drop before, man they are fun! I think they look better than how they feel. hehe:p

sorry had 2 windows open and put on wrong thread…man im clummsy.