i still feel too uncomfortable with seat out in front to try a 15+ inch jump, but I have done jumps at 12-13 inches with little trouble. i dont have much control with the seat out jump so i need to get used to just hopping around on it.

about seat height: i used to do road cycling so i like my seat high, too. i do have it low enough though that i can easily jump 12 inches high with a pre-hop. this is the height i use for commute and muni. for trials i lower the seat as far as it will go.

*oops- this is supposed to be a reply to “starting hopping practice”

but since its here as “Seat Out”…

I was shown a trick by a kid in our club that has allowed me to do some Seat Out riding. But I don’t know if it qualifies as “Legal”.

I take the seat out and, whilst holding the front of the seat, I jam it firmly back into my belly (below bellybutton) and ride some.

I’ve watched those who can comfortably ride seat out front. They hold the back of the seat with one hand. The seat is positioned effortlessly out a foot or so from the belly. I consider this to be something to strive for.

Is my way “legal” as per the rules of USA levels?

Re: but since its here as “Seat Out”…

I could be wrong but I don’t think your way is “legal”…you are in violation of article 4.6, you must now pay a $5USD fine for every time you’ve done this, please add up the number of violations, multiply that by 5 and send check or cash to Dustin Kelm, Levels Violation Collector, failure to comply will result in the downfall of my get rich quick scheme.

Here’s the next step for you. It’s legal and probably the next step for you get to the seat fully extended point that you are striving for. Instead of jamming the seat into your bowl full of jelly, extent your arm and jam your elbow into your belly. Once you get comfortable with that you can start moving your arm out to a fully extended position.

i can ride fully seat-out alright, it’s excersising, but i can do it. however, when you’re riding try letting the seat fall to one leg/thigh or the other, that should help you keep balance at first. i cheat this way occasionally when i’m “casually” riding seat-out, or doing seat-out hopping. though unless you’ve got bike shorts on this will mostly likely cause irritation.

and muniracer, sounds good man.

seat height

when i ride i have two seat heights- high for road riding and low for trials. since i have been doing seat in front hopping, i leave the seat high so i can ride easily and hop high. for doing really high seat in front hops - like the ones kris hom does where the wheel is just lower than his butt, should i lower the seat more? when i stand on the uni with the seat high, there is about 4 inches between my butt and the seat. if i were to jump and pull the wheel up to my butt, the seat would be a couple inches below my armpits. is this a good seat height? i want to be able to maximize height as much as possible…

Re: but since its here as “Seat Out”…

The IUF/USA levels don’t include hopping with the seat in front. I think.

The definition of seat in front riding, as seen in the IUF Standard Skills List, has the seat held away from the rider, and the seat and hand holding it must not touch the body. The IUF skill levels still use the official definitions of all skills for the levels. The USA allows the seat to touch the body in seat out skills. In the levels.

But all of that applies to flat ground riding. For hopping, you’re on your own. The seat is only out to allow you more leg flexing room, and the details are unimportant.