Seat option for distance riding

I think most of us agree that the seat on our unicycle generally determines the amount of time and distance most of us can accomplish comfortably.

On my first unicycle, in 1961, people with unis used standard derailleur style seats. I saw the first U-style seat in the late 60s on a Schwinn. Now that style seat is the norm. It is excellent for control but poor for comfort. The KH improvements and air seats have offered some improvements but it is still easy to get numb over a long ride, even when wearing cycling shorts.

The changes in cruiser style bike seats that eliminate the through-the-legs portion of the seat have always intrigued me. I have wondered if one of the “bun only” seats could be used on a unicycle if combined with a handlebar to ensure adequate control. Has anybody tried this?

My instinct is that one could ride much farther without the saddle-induced problems that limit our comfortable time-in-the-seat endurance with a set-up like this.

Would love to hear of any attempts at this concept.


In all my years around the cycling industry I’ve yet to read or hear any information to indicate that bun-only seats are more comfortable than anything else. They are aimed at non-cyclists who ride only occasionally, and generally don’t put lots of hours in on the saddle anyway.

I would only attempt to use one with handlebars, but the problem would be when you want to ride upright. Or maybe just general steering control at low speeds.

The main reason for discomfort in unicycle seats is due to the pelvic angle when you ride one. On a bike your pelvis is tilted more forward, which apparently gives a better area to rest your weight on without putting too much pressure along the centerline. I’d recommend finding a good bike seat (from a bike shop; not aimed at non-cyclists) that works for you for road biking and try it on a unicycle with handlebars.

But that’s the hard part. How do you test to find the right seat?