Seat height

Hi, thanks for reading.
My question is; what is a quick reference to know the right seat height for my 36er?
Thanks in advance.

Same general rule as for any other unicycle; with your heel on the down pedal, your leg should have a little bit of bend. But don’t ride that way (balls of the feet on the pedals).

That general rule gets modified for special circumstances, generally in the form of rough terrain. I even lower my seat a bit sometimes for paved rides in unfamiliar places. When cruising along, a random root growing under the asphalt can cause a ridge that can hit you like a big surprise if you’re not ready!

And even lower for offroad riding, etc.

Excellent, thanks!

I would actually measure from balls of feet (or whatever part you ride with). When I rode after measuring from heels (leg almost straight) I felt there was still room for a full extend. I realize seat height has a lot to do with preference.

What parts of the unicycle (I have a Coker “The Big One”) should be wiped down after getting wet? After riding today in the after-rain wetness every part of my unicycle below the seat-post was somewhat wet. Which parts are rust-able?

I live in the absolute worst environment for metal - on an island that is about 1/4 mile wide with a constant 15 MPH tradewinds, and it is always over %80 humidity. You can actually see the salt gather on the frame of my uni. It rains 120 inches per year here and my uni is my ONLY form of commuting, so it gets left out in the elements pretty much permanently (I try to keep it inside most nights). I never clean it, grease it, or wipe it down. The stainless steel spokes and aluminum rim show no signs of abuse, however the CrMo frame does have a couple extremely small rust spots. However, the inside of the seat post tube is red, but has no structural damage. The aluminum seat post is spotless, but all of the hardware on the uni (bolts/bearings) is starting to show rust on the exposed parts. However, all hardware is nowhere near bad enough for replacement.

The one thing I am worried about as far as corrosion on my uni is all of the spoke nipples. They’re not steel… I don’t know what they’re made of. The oxidation is white, not red. However, I’m sure it will be at least a year before spokes start popping off the wheel.

Now that I think about it, I did take some really thick marine axle grease and coated my bearings with it liberally. That has completely stopped any visual sign of rust, and they still run smooth.

My pedals also show little sign of corrosion.

Bottom line is, i’m sure an occasional shower for your uni won’t hurt it. unless you live in an environment similar to mine, your uni should hold up pretty well. Part of the reason why I ride a uni is because it holds up 10 times better than the bikes on this island.

The only thing I would worry about is the saddle. everything else is pretty weatherproof

Ereksonj: If your nipples have white oxide they are made of aluminum. They should be fine but if you want corrosion proof nipples get nickel plated brass, luckily for you they are also the cheapest and strongest nipples you can get.



like any other unicycle your leg should be almost straight when the pedal is at it’s lowest point. Your leg whould be slightly bent but not to much.:slight_smile: