Science report

hey guys just really quick

im doing a science report on balance and i need to get 3 subtopics form BALANCE

I already have gyroscopes and our inner ear organs. PLz give any suggestions you have. this has to turn out to be 6 pages with an oral report. What does balance have to do with science???


bump. plz guys take the time to help me!

Your report will be better if you use English words and punctuation. And if you want someone else to do your research for you, you might want to give them more than 20 minutes.

OK, I’ll throw you one crumb: “Dynamic.” Look it up.

unstable equilibrium

mmmm I don’t see any rec, sport or unicycling in this thread…

i would look online for fundamentals for balancing

How about balancing a checkbook? :slight_smile:

And if gyroscope works as a topic, why not the force that keeps a bicycle upright (which is similar)?