schwinn unicycle

i have recently purchased a slightly used schwinn unicycle. it is in very nice condition with hardly any scratches. Because of recent research i believe this cycle was made around 1980, but i can not figure out if it is worth any thing. If you no what this might be worth or some how for me to figure out, please tell me. I will be posting pictures of the cycle later on.

I bought a new Schwinn unicycle almost 3 years so just because it is Schwinn does not mean it is old. Does yours have cottered cranks? That would make it old.

For value, watch eBay. The Schwinn unicycles seem to sell fairly well but they don’t sell for a lot. My non-educated opinion is there is not much collector’s value for used Schwinn unicycles.

I think Schwinn made the switch to cotterless cranks somewhere right around 1980 or so. If it has a blue seat it’s from 1986 - 1993. If the seat has plastic bumpers it’s from 1986 or later.

A cotterless crank set means there are no cotter pins holding the crank arms to the axle. If you have cotter pins (a peg with a nut on one end), your Schwinn is from the late 70s or earlier.

They usually sell between $50 and $100 on EBAY.

Schwinn is re-making their original unicycle. Looks nice:

I learned on an old schwinn without seat bumpers. The new Schwinn seat looks nice. I wish they would stop calling it “one of the strongest unicycles ever” though.

The classic Schwinn frames took tons of abuse, so frame-wise, that’s not necessarily an exaggeration. But along with that “strongest” frame you get the single bolt that holds it all together, and only 1" increments of seat post adjustment. I can’t recommend that to anyone.

Yes I too was amazed to see the new Schwinns with the “main cap” style bearing attachments. And it’s not a Viscount seat either. Is that one of the many variants of the Velo? I don’t think so, some other type.

Other changes from the Schwinns many of us grew up with:

  • Alloy rim
  • 48 spokes
  • 2.3" tire (up from 1.75")
  • 150mm cranks (too long)
  • 9/16" pedals (that was probably updated in the 80s)

dude your hardcore


Nice to see the old frame design is still around. Afterall, what is more traditional in Unicycleland than the old classic American Schwinn (now made in Taiwan :frowning: )

i just ordered a torker dx, becasue i dont want to totally destroy my ancient schwinn. i inheireted from my dad, he bought it about 40 yrs ago and it has taken an absolute beating. it has the cottered cranks that i cut my ankles on quite frequently. its in really good condidtion though, considering its age

Quoting the good Mr. Foss from about six years ago… Is this still correct? Schwinn hasn’t produced / marketed their unicycle with the blue tire and seat in the intervening years, have they? I know there is one being sold now with a blue frame, but that’s not the model I’m looking at.

My daughter just learned on one of these; does my heart good since I still can’t let go of my Schwinn from the 70s.