Schwinn Giraffe

Hi, I’ve got a great Schwinn Giraffe from around 1980. I haven’t ridden it in years and unfortunately my mother cannot continue to store it for me forever. Sadky, I am preparing to sell it. I thought I might put it on eBay for an auction.

Unicycle is in excellent condition, except for flat & rotted tire & tube.

It’s stored indoors in Austin Texas.

Any ideas what kind of price it might bring?


How is the bottom sprocket attached. Is it a threaded lock-ring, or three screws with hexagonal heads? The second kind is the better design, but both could be sold on eBay with a $150 reserve. For more detailed answers (and to sell it to anyone who isn’t desperate), you’ll need pictures of it. Please post them here!

Thanks for your help John, I’ll post some pictures here this evening. unfortunately, I don’t have a good close up of the sprocket - and unicycle is in Texas and I’m in England so would be difficult to get new pics at the moment. one pic may show enough for a knowledgeable person to be able to tell. cheers!