Schwinn freestyle tire

I need a new tire for a schwinn 20in freestyle uni. It has s-7 rim. The old tire said 1 3/4in made for s-7. Can I put any old 20in tire on or do I need a special tire specifically for that rim.

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any ole tire should work as long as its not to wide.

if you want a cool tire go to the target by us and get an el cheapo tire with flamed tread- and a kevlar bead for cheep :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I have a Schwinn 20" which was my first unicycle. I think I remember hearing that the tires are proprietary so they are a non-standard size which means you have to use a Schwinn tire on a Schwinn rim. I have not had to replace my tire so I don’t know that for sure.

Just try putting on a reg. sized one. it will probably fit.



All right kids, a regular tire will not fit a Schwinn S-7 rim. It’ll be too loose, and if you put any pressure in the tire it’ll come off the rim.

Those tires are probably pretty hard to find these days, and not much to choose from, so now might be the time to consider a new rim and wheelbuild. You’ll need a 28-hole rim to match your hub. Then you can use any tire you want!

Or save your money a bit and get a Torker LX for $100 like David did.

pretty hard to find…:wink:

I guess that settles that. Thanks for doing our homework.

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That’s good to know. Much cheaper than a new wheel or new unicycle. Unless you want some other type of tire than that one. But that keeps your Schwinn on the road, which you can use as a beater if you get a new one in the future. I still have mine…

thanks for the info

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