Schlumpf uni on udc, why so expensive?

They are selling it for $1,995, on the schlumpf website it is on there for 1150EUR which converts to about $1500 US. If I remember right Kris said the new KH/Schlumpf geared munis will be around $1600.

Why did UDC raise the price up $500?

obviously you didn’t see the sticker they put on it.

Maybe it has to do with the “Gear ration” :wink:

based on the description, I would assume it’s because on schlumpf’s website they have both the preassembled unis and just the frame/hub/cranks. My guess is that UDC buys the frame/hub/cranks and adds all their own components and gets a Kovachi wheelbuild or something.

apparently UDC thinks the parts they build it up with are $495 better than the parts schlumpf builds it up with, though I think that’s unlikely.

Doesn’t import taxs and shipping come in to this somewhere? In the UK they’re £890 ($1735) The description does mention “Please note: We build this cycle to your specification. Please call before ordering to check for delivery times. This is a custom order.” and it does have a KH rim and other tasty bits that could add some cost over the modle schlumpf sell.

Which part of the description alludes to that?

Even if that where the case, no seat, pedals, and rim/spoke/labor end of a wheel build combo is worth 500$. These kinds of markups are really unfair to the manufacturers.

the prices r in swiss francs


Picture 4.png

oh francs r on there too

Are those the current prices on the Schlumpf website? I know the price of the Schlumpf went up by about £200 about a year ago, and I don’t remember whether the price changed on

I got mine as a custom build, which I think is what Roger does for all of them now, as Mr Schlumpf was charging a similar amount for a build kit with a cheap seat, a rubbish seatpost, a narrow rim etc. that it’d cost to buy a KH rim, KH fusion seat etc.


The importing and shipping makes sense to me…

Anyway, what’s the deal with the frame? I’m not sure I understand the extra stuff on the frame…

And wow, they have a lot of crank length options…

why you guys are so angry?

its really cheap for you guys!

to come to brasil it would cost 2,800 usd! haha

And why do they have a KH street saddle on there for distance? I supose you could just call them and ask them to switch it out for a Freeride though.

The frame is what you get if you get someone who doesn’t unicycle much to design a unicycle frame. It’s the only noticeably flexy frame I’ve ever ridden, the only frame I’ve broken, and the only frame I’ve ever got really annoyed with because you need to undo 8 (yes 8) bolts just to change the seat height. Oh yeah, and it appears it costs quite a lot to make too, more than a KH frame. It’s so much worse than a Nimbus II frame that it just isn’t funny. The fact you’ll be able to use the KH geared hub on a decent frame is the big improvement, splines etc. are just minor improvements compared to that. Everyone I’ve met with one of those 8 bolt Schlumpf frames has moaned about it (okay that’s only like 5 people, but there aren’t many Schlumpfs out there)


Can you use other frames with the hub? I would assume not, because of the way it bolts down at the bottom…

the kh street saddle is surprisingly comfy for road rides I figured out. I’m not talking about muni because muni is just a killer for that thing but road rides are nice because there’s very low friction. The fact that it has almost no padding is perfect if you’re wearing bike shorts because you don’t bounce up and down in the saddle when you pedal fast.

Possibly with some modifications.

The bolt thing and fitting you can take out of the original frame, so could drill into a different frame for it. I don’t know if you can get them without buying the frame though.

The harder bit, is that the inner side of the bearing holder on that side needs to not have a lip, and most frames have lips on the bearing holders. You might just be able to grind away the inside lip on the bearing holders to fix this.

The new hub should fit on any frame without that lip, or where the lip has been grinded off, and won’t need the bolt bit.


Maybe someday i will have one but not now. The reason being it would cost me $1,149.76 to have one as you can see here. :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe someday i will have one but not now. The reason being it would cost me $2,243.73 to have one as you can see here. :smiley: :smiley:

the 890 is in £, which are worth more than US $.

So I’m afraid it’d be 2231 Australian Dollars.