⚙ Schlumpf hubs produced again

Have you ordered one?

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No. I rode 24 / 26 / 29 Schlumpf some years ago and my max speed is around 20-22km/h in all cases as I don’t feel confident. Price is also crazy expensive !

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Gives me confidence that Florian is not compromising on the quality and reliability of his product. Im happy to wait.
Back in 2021, Being new to unicycling I was so disappointed when I found that schlumpf hubs were not being made anymore.
So grateful that I will get the opportunity to have one.

Being a mechanical draftsman, I see all too often, engineers taking short cuts in the name off $$ and meeting unreasonable deadlines. Great to see Florian is not like this.

Also, coming from Ocean paddling / racing outrigger canoes, my team mates are dropping US5 to 7k on carbon fibre “shells” ….so that is my perspective/rant.


Here here @Pokalde :gear::rocket:

I totally second this.

A wait that is worth it, is one I’m willing to experience - and as anyone who knows the bent of my posts, knows I’m fully invested in these hubs - so it means a lot to me to see them develop, know they are still coming, and enjoy the pre-ride “ride” of this ordering / fabrication process.

I think value from a monetary sense is always hard to gage. When I was a teenager spending a £100 was an epic commitment - but that stemmed from how much I had at my disposal and my wider awareness of things and their intrinsic value.

Someone might baulk at the fact we recently dropped £4000 on a cargo bike - but the context is we have no car.

Someone might raise a puzzled eyebrow when we spent £1100 on our wedding including rings - as I’ve heard and seen others drop £30k for that kind of event.

And all power to people who wish to dispose of their income that way. I can’t say I like the idea: but that’s just me.

I know for sure I can say: I do feel Florian’s work and hubs are worth it - and the price he’s set feels fair. What do I know in terms of the actual cost? Nothing - but I think this basically speaks to the wider faith one puts in any brand or manufacture or designer or engineer… we have to ultimately trust them with the whole endeavour and link their valuation of an item with our own non-monetary value that ultimately drives the passion to invest.

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I am also happy to wait for a quality product, and I trust Florian.

Every now and then I have doubts about my own decision to order one, but if I didn’t “waste” (or “invest”?) money in it, I would always be wondering what it would be like.

By the way @bouin-bouin can you please say more about the g24/g26/g29 choice? Having seen some of your previous posts, I would really trust and value your opinion about the merits of these 3 sizes for cruising in high gear at a bit under your comfortable maximum speed?

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I didn’t ride Schlumpf over the last 6 years, I’m not expert at All

OK, thanks for replying. I’m assuming from your experience in the past with an early model Schlumpf giving the same “comfortable maximum speed” across the size range that the 17:11 multiplier on a 29 wheel is too much for me, so I will probably get a frame that will take a 27.5 (just in case), and first build a 24 on the geared hub with 150mm cranks, going for portability and flexibility rather than a speed capability that could break records but is more than likely to break my bones!

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I haven’t been riding in while (geez, over a year) and I’m think about getting back out there. I thought I’d look into the state of Schlumpf hubs. Cool Florian is making new hubs, and freewheel options, haha. Crazy, but cool.
The latest are CHF 2454 (currently 2543 USD)!
Ugh, that hurts. I never thought I’d look at the ~$1400 I paid in 2010 as good!
What was the price at the beginning of the year before Florian had to increase prices due to energy/whatever costs?

It’s really great to see them being made once more for sure.

Before the increase one 36h, 100mm pitch hub with a disc rotor cost 1760CHF - plus of course any VAT and import duty etc etc.

It’s an increase for sure but the R&D and shift in design seems to warrant it logically speaking.

I notice he is still advertising the 2015 model now for 1865… which is interesting. I wonder if this is newly made stuff or unsold inventory.


1760CHF is a reasonable price when looking at the 1421CHF I paid in 2010 for a gen2 and inflation. I understand the energy crisis is causing a price increase. Thanks Putin.
I once owned a used gen3 that shifted easier and faster than my gen2 and had less slop. So I’m excited to dream of having the latest greatest, but with the price and delays, and, at least my own confusion on frame compatibility, it makes sense to hold off and see how things play out.

I’m looking forward to all of you getting your new hubs and reporting back on your experiences! I hope they ship soon!! :crossed_fingers: