⚙ Schlumpf hubs produced again

Thanks. It seems right. Convert from CHF to USD, and then it is 10% (excluding $29.66 MPF fee and $12 UPS fee)

This is really interesting to read.

I checked for the UK the Swiss import tariff for the listed product code:

Tarif-Nr. 8714.9300 Unicyclehub
Vorleistungsquote <40%

For UK is was set at 5%

And VAT is also expected on these here at 20%

Oddly enough they only levied the 20% VAT no mention of product duty. Maybe I missed some special Swiss exceptions or it was an error.

Either way: your % are much nicer than what FedEx had me fork out :joy:


Got my UPS notification of a 2.9kg delivery from Schlumpf Innovations today… And also nice email from Brigitte to confirm delivery.

Better check with J. Flansberry about progress with my Steel frame and Tee bar…

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This is going to be a lovely sight. Glad your hub is on its way to you Norm!

Already looking forward to seeing you racing it uphills :grinning:

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Good news:
The first 9 countersunk screws were delivered today in a envelope from florian.
(My hub was shipped at 16 mai. It is at german custom now. )

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My package from Schlumpf Innovations is in Australian Customs now… I think

Ive never had to pay taxes on a shipment from overseas. Do I just wait for UPS to contact me to pay GST? Anyone know for Aus?

See below notification from UPS tracking:


Can’t speak directly for UPS in your location but most services these days offer an online system with a payment link sent to you via email or text.

I ended up having to call FedEx UK and give them the tracking number for the payment invoice to be email and allow me to pay.

If they don’t email or text as they don’t have those details then they’d likely have a letter delivered with the details for how to pay - after which the item then gets released and scheduled for delivery.

You may possibly see on the tracking page that a fee has been levied and it may show a link to pay there - but that’s not a granted option and depends I think on the company being used.

Hope it doesn’t get held up too long.

Being a impatient person I’d be calling UPS to check if there was a fee to pay and if I can do it over the phone :joy:

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I can definitely help here…

My 125 hub arrived in Australia (Botany) 3 days ago.
It had a similar UPS tracking state to yours.
I got a phone call on a terrible quality line from UPS about it - sounded almost like a scam, so I rang back the UPS contact number and after a bit of a wait got onto someone who emailed me back the customs documents as an attachment, along with the UPS payment details (eg for BPay).
Customs needed a fee of about $90AUD and 10% of the value being GST for overseas purchases with value over $1000AUD.
I made the transfer to UPS, and notified UPS by return email with a PDF of the bank receipt page attached as proof.
UPS then dealt with Australian customs and the Customs eventually released it for delivery. It arrived in good condition earlier this afternoon, although the UPS site had said delivery would be tomorrow and their tracking data is still not yet updated.

When yours arrives, before you install it, or even connect cranks, I wonder if you could please give some feedback on your impressions of the bearing smoothness (or not) in high and direct drive, when held in your hand and turned?


What’s in there? :eyes:


This begs the question? Were your bearings not smooth?

You got it! So pleased to see it has arrived for you Maxence.

Looking forward to seeing it build up and how you enjoy riding it!

(Fingers crossed now more problems crop up! :crossed_fingers:)


I’m guessing a new Schlumpf hub!

And if a recent arrival, it will have 3 spacers so the rotor can be shifted 1mm outwards, and it will have the new countersunk M4X16 rotor fixing screws.
The hub dimensions (e.g. D and E) will be as recently updated on the Schlumpf web page.

You may find that the rotor spacing is needed (even if clearance is not an issue) because without it you would probably have to buy 9 shorter (M4X12) screws because of the thread depth in the hub attachment points.

[EDIT: a few days later, as if by magic, some shorter screws arrived by post from Schlumpf Innovations - looks like they have their finger on our pulse and are making continual improvements!]

Good luck with your hub!


Regarding the feel of the bearings/gearing while the hub is turned when held in hand, I am just interested in what others experience and how they describe it. I think you said the 100mm hub felt “silky smooth” in your video. Mine was not quite that. (yes, I know, the question is still begging).

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That’s a bit worrying.

Yes I’d stand by them being silky smooth and when riding it this feels very much the same. There is a grinding feel when the hub is engaged in high gear of course. But this will feel more vibrationally mechanical rather than corse turning bearings.

Definitely a thing to canvas views on esp from those with the 125mm hubs :crossed_fingers::gear::pray::gear::crossed_fingers:

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I just paid the import tax and processing fee. Spoke to UPS customer service who have confirmed the payment and eventual delivery after customs checks. So here’s hoping to get it early next week.

Sure, I’ll give you my impressions of the feel of the hub rotational “smoothness” fingers crossed.

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It has arrived! Now to open and measure up for Jacob so he can assemble the frame.
Fingers crossed on the “smoothness”


The bearing running feel.
Holding the Hub:
By gold button/ black bearing side, bearing feels very smooth and I can hear a very faint running sound which sounds nice to me.

By silver button/grey bearing side, bearing feels very smooth and I can hear the meshing of the internal gears which sounds nice to me



It looks exactly like mine.
But if I hold mine up (either in hi or lo gear) by the grey bearing (not the black bearing) and turn it from the top, I feel some roughness in part of the cycle and hear a little noise and detect a bit more difficulty turning it with my fingers on the top axle splines. Hopefully it will go away (fingers crossed).
Sounds like you definitely got a good one.

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That reminds me. That there once was advice from Florian that you can/should perform a complete internal cycle of the gearing by changing up and down - I think it was 14 times, could have been a few more, I can’t quite remember.

Of course if the roughness you feel is in the bearings themselves this won’t help, but somehow I picture this as coming from inside the hub itself — but you feel it where there bearings are.

Here’s hoping that going though a full gear and clutch cycle will help and/or it works itself to smoothness :crossed_fingers:

Yes, I have changed the gearing several times when playing with the hub, but when I eventually have it fully built I will carefully give it some work in high and low repeatedly, then maybe after a “running in” time, I could even warm the hub (and so the oil) with a hot air blower and remove the drain plug and turn it so a lot of the oil drains slowly out (just in case there are some metal particles in it), then top up. Anyway it will be rideable without any problems I’m sure, and if for some unusual reason it instead gets markedly worse, I am happy that the hub has a 5 year warranty for that contingency, but I am looking forward to getting to know the hub well, and I reckon it will probably be fine.


Interestingly enough - the hub starts to show sides of oil leaking out and black substance seeping around the bearings. I think it doesn’t take that long to have it warmed up by general riding. I’ve not ridden that far and it already as the feeling it is “used”.

Oil does seep out from the holes for the rotor bolt, so I’ll be watching oil doesn’t find its way to the rotor blade itself.

I am pretty sure your hub will be fine :smiley: