⚙ Schlumpf hubs produced again

Great to hear it’ll be stocked on UDC UK.

My back of an envelope calculations for a direct purchase plus UK duty etc - based on the code for this item - I suspect it’ll shake down to ~£1700/1800.

Very curious on UDC’s prices though too! :thinking:

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[Removed link as page not officially live]

£1750 starting price for 100m and a rotor - but the price does climb for the 125mm bearing pitch and 32h

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Looks like a good price. Better than ordering it directly personally it seems.

Has anyone mentioned the design of the disk as shown on the CAD drawing?

Hopefully the production disks aren’t made like that.

That’s a good point re rotor - wonder if @rogeratunicycledotcom has any concerns regarding the lack of rotational direction for the rotor :thinking:

(Also: sorry I just noticed the above page isn’t live yet - found it when googling for live new hub stock out of curiosity)

Really hope the direct orders prices don’t wildly differ from UDC UK.

At £66 a piece I’d hope they’d be very well designed and tested. Even custom it’d be nice to to see a floating rotor for that price.


Not sure what I did wrong with my quick calcs before to get £2k…

1680CHF ≈ £1376

Plus (guessing) £60 shipping, £1436.43

x1.04 (expected duty for a cycle part), 1438.83

x1.2 (VAT), £1726.57

Plus some small customs handling charge probably.

Not far off the UDC price (£1746), but take my calculations with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, I’ve been reading this thread too much now as I keep wondering whether I can actually justify buying one…


Note… this page is not live yet. I will announce when it is. We are still missing some information from Florian.


Acknowledged and my apologies again. I jumped on it when it came up in a Google search result.

But my bad for not double checking it wasn’t live - as in listed.

Nice calculation… but this is always the interesting bit:

Last order from Europe was €150 from European side, then £57 on UK side… although we are working on getting these figures down.


Ouch. I’ve not ordered anything from abroad that I’ve paid customs on (naughty Nextie…) since the pandemic and Brexit. I think I paid about £12 on the UK side last time I did.

Above link has been removed to avoid more speculation :pray:

The aluminum center piece for a floating rotor alone would cost that, in a small production run, before you even have someone assemble it, test the assembly, etc… There is no way they can make that happen for less than 1.5 times the price of a hope piece rotor.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope to see a more “normal” disk design in the production version and I did stumble over the price too. But if you compare it to something like a hope trial rotor (costing about 50€ for a one piece, relatively simple design, with the Schlumpf disk being 80€), it seems not an extreme price anymore.
Knowing how Schlumpf usually operates, it will probably be heat treated and ground like good quality disks are, not just lasercut from a random piece of stainless.


Remember that, when developing BrakeFast, Roger looked for producing a “plug and play” rotor. He said it was finally too expensive to be done. So I’m pretty glad Florian found out a way to produce rotors for 80€.


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On this point. I did check with Florian to reassure myself and this is a snippet of the reply:

From a technical point of view, the triangle is the most stable shape, so we build a corresponding shape from triangles.

I also notice that the design is close in shape to BrakeFast. I’m happy also on the point that compared to a bicycle’s braking forces on a unicycling I’d suspect they’re never as forceful or for dead stops.

In short I’m reassured and am just going to trust Florian from now on :gear::grinning:

Urge to do some stress/strain simulations on that design rising…

Triangles are indeed very strong, but that design has some very thin triangle sides, and typically even designs with triangles will orient them so that the force from the disk is closer to the top of the triangle, rather than trying to push it over sideways.

It’s probably absolutely fine, but it sure looks weird compared to every other rotor I’ve ever seen.
The brakefast is a very different beast as most of it is billet aluminium, not in a triangle, and the triangle on the disk part itself is facing the other way.
I suspect the only reason that the aluminium part is not shaped like the centre of the original disk is due to wanting two symmetrical halves, and the issue of the spoke holes getting in the way.

The original disk design:

Anyone hazard a guess / hypothesis how the new 100mm hubs could have lost so much weight?

Previous version (2016/17)

Weight: 1870g (incl. bolts/Shift Button)

2022 version

Weight: 1650g (incl. bolts/Shift Button)

Naturally the most basic reason is this is a predicted weight. Not the real life weight, meaning this number will change. (But that in itself would be odd)

Part of me is pleased to see some improvement in this area. Another part of me is part concerned how this is possible and hoping it hasn’t compromised any of the hub’s strength.

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As the hub shell has been narrowed to add the disk, I suspect that everything has got a bit thinner and lighter.

The hub shell appears to maybe have been slimmed down owing to how pronounced the positions for the machine screws are compared to the previous version.

There have been a lot of years of development and production now so I would like to think Florian’s got a pretty good handle on where strength is required, and where some mass can be shed.


From 4.1lbs to 3.6lbs.


Interesting / worrying update re prices - but I did wonder if the energy crisis etc would make things tricky!


Important notice:

We are confronted with massive price increases of up to 100%, which we had not included in the calculation in this way.
Therefore the current prices are only valid for orders until 31.5.2022.
From 1.6.2022 we have to adjust the prices.

I’m glad I’ve already ordered and part paid but naturally this isn’t good news for the hubs in general. And of course I suspect some delays in manufacturing now (perhaps not)….