⚙ Schlumpf hubs produced again

Err no. I’m happy with the slightly extra greased hub :joy:

So pleased to hear yours is paid up and you’ll be getting it soon.


Well if you change you mind I can better @Hammer’s offer. I am willing to take it off your hands at a quarter of the price, which is half the amount he said!!! So… umm… that is … umm… twice as good… or something. :thinking: I don’t know. :person_shrugging:t3: I was never great at mathmatics. But whatever, the offer stands!


For those receiving their hubs, don’t forget the Schlumpf hub equivalent of Bike Register:


Thanks Felix for the great video unboxing your new 2022 schlumpf hubs.
It was very entertaining and helpful…
as I wait for my invoice for second payment of my 125mm disk hub.

Just looking at the spoke interface of the new hub, would there be a need/possibility for spoke rings? Just as a precaution to protect the hub?
It looks like the non disk side has a detachable spoke interface. I’m not sure about the disk side.

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Thanks so much!!

That’s a great point. I guess it is kind of replaceable but it would basically be 70% or the hub’s shell for that side. It does look like the flanges are really beefy this time. More than before so I’d hope that flange holes being ripped out are a thing of the past.

I would probably end up asking Roger regarding this idea, as I’m not sure. I also hope to be able to pin Florian down on the spoke tension limits possible, as after speaking with Ryan today (my wheel builder) I tried to highlight that for unicycle wheels it’s safer to use the bottom half of the recommended tension range for spokes, but he kind of dismissed this and was adamant that higher tensions lead to better wheels.

I hope this works out right. I’ll be getting the tension numbers he ended up using and if they make me unable to sleep at night I may look to back them off into safer unicycle tensions that we one wheels would go with.

This actually leads me to ask those reading here, what tensions do we think are sensible for a G24/29 and G36ers?

I’ve understood 36ers need to go a bit lower than other wheel sizes.

Has anyone used hub side washers as Norm is suggesting here?

Update from the man himself — This really helps us rest easy I feel :relieved:

The hub is very robust, as you may see. There are no limitations as were in the beginning, when the flanges were rather thin. Material is strongest 7075 aluminum, stronger than steel.


On spoke tension, I agree higher is generally better so long as it’s suitable for the rim and hub. Where’s your “lower is better on unicycles” coming from?

Most of the hub, rim, and spoke issues I’ve dealt with have been due to tensions that were too low, leading to wheels trying to come undone.

It’s important to remember that spoke tension also drops when you have an inflated tyre on the rim, so the equipment, the rider’s weight, the riding style, and the tyre pressure must all be taken into consideration when building a high performance wheel.

Be sure to get your wheel trued up again after a few hundred miles of riding too, as no matter how much stress relieving is done during the build, there’s almost always going to be a little left which will relax during that initial riding period.

This came from some recent support in getting my G26er spokes re-tensioned (from Roger) - but I don’t want to mischaracterise the advice given as I may have over simplified it.

My understanding however is the bike wheel builders can be more inclined to go to the upper limits, whereas those that build for unicycles would want to be more conservative in high tensioning and not go to the top of the range as this is not good for unicycles due to lateral loads.

But I’m happy to be wrong on this end given the fact that I’m having a bike wheel builder build my wheels.


I would think he probably knows what he is talking about regardless of it being a unicycle wheel… it is slack spokes which break. I wouldn’t over sweat it too much, yes the hubs are very expensive, but you’ve got a wheelbuilder with a very good reputation so take some comfort from his overall experience. In the grand scheme of things there are lots of other ways for the hub to fail as well :wink:

It would be interesting to see actual data on lateral loading of unicycle wheels versus bike wheels, it probably doesn’t exist though. I would imagine you could get fairly high lateral loading on a bike wheel leaning in fast on a corner.

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Someone got a 125mm hub delievered?
I am still waiting.

Same question for 32h/100mm hubs. Still no mail :pensive:

My gut says they’re actually doing the 100mm 36h hubs first. So not really order of orders but order of “complexity/newness”.

Sorry you’re both waiting still!

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Sounds reasonable, just to be clear my hub which is in transit right now is also a 36h/100mm.

Thanks for your replies! That’s also what my guts were telling me. :slight_smile:

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Still no email for final payment.
125mm 36 hole disc hub

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I just received mine.
Did anyone got a email from Florian concerning the user manual yet?


No manual yet. Think I’ll be arriving sometime next week :crossed_fingers:

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I paid the taxes the day before yesterday (370€), and the delivery man came by 1 hour ago (10 minutes before I got back from my unicycle ride). It will wait until next week.

It’s a 32h / 100 mm / 203 disc


Same as I, but still nothing :pensive:
When did you order your hub?

Just picked up mine from the post office, and went to check on the forum if anyone could send the manual. Apparently not :see_no_evil:

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