Schlumpf hub mmmmmmmmm

So I’ve been saving my pennies. Like a good little boy and I’m getting all excited as I’m going to make the big purchase
I’m starting to drool a little just thinking about it.

I currently have a trials uni 19 inch wheel with big fat tire which I use for a little off road scrambling / messing about. But cant really go any meaningful distance on. And uni hockey

I can’t decided what wheel / uni to build around my hub. KH 24 or KH 26?
Either way I will get a big fat knobbly tire for muni and a street tire too.

This is going to be my use for all occasions wonderful uni and I’m very excited. So I want it to be pretty all round capable.

Any suggestions?

I saw Kris Holm and Corbin Dunn do some pretty amazing speeds, on dirt, at MUni Weekend with their 26-inchers. You’ll be able to crank up Mt. Victoria, or cruise pretty fast on the flat with a setup like that.

I would definitely go for the G26er! Way more tire choices, very maneuverable and nimble, and more than solid enough for hard tech. And of course, it’s faster than a G24, and in high gear the G26er has a virtual wheel size of 39"; 3" more than the G24.

As for MUni tires, I highly recommend the Ardent 2.4. It’s much lighter than the 2.6, yet the width difference is hard to notice, and performance is pretty much the same.

Speed-wise, I’ve had mine up in the 16-18mph range on smoother trail sections, and it cruises beautifully at speeds comparable to, or better than a standard 36er.

I am also drooling over a schlumpf, but i have no interest in trials. I live at the end od a dirt road with acres of forest behind. I am considering a kh 24, 26, or 29. Would the 29 be good off road? I know it won’t be as good but how far off will it be?

I would also recommend a Geared KH26.
There are not so many places where you would prefer a KH24 to a KH26, maybe places as steep as the North Shore, otherwise a KH26 is perfect.
And for distance I already find my geared KH26 too small, I prefer a Geared 29.

So I believe the geared KH26 is a good compromise when you can’t get everything!

How is your geared 29 off road though?

I’m considering putting my geared hub from the 26" into my 29". It would be a better street machine, and off road, low gear would work great. I like the geared 26, but think the 29 would be better for how and where I ride.

The geared 29 is not mine so I haven’t had the occasion to use it as much. Only once or twice off road. Was really nice but the area where I went was super flat.
I think since I love the steeper Muni so much, I’m not sure I would make it my only machine. But personally, a non-geared KH24 and a geared KH29 would fulfill my needs!

Yes it seems as I suspected the 26 seems the more all round performer. My only worry is how well I will adjust to the bigger wheel, and en the top gear. I’ve ridden 24inch unis, found them a bit awkward, but rideable,
Just not sure I’ll be able to transfer across to a 26 so easily.

But a schlumpf is for life not just for Christmas right?

I guess I’ll go with what holds more long term utility, which I guess is the 26

I’d go with the KH26 GUni as well. I’ve had a KH24 for 4 years now, the last two equipped with a KH-Schlumpf MUni hub. While I love this set up, it did take some getting used to. Since I’ve only been able to ride and not run over the past 3 months (ride everyday just about) I’ve gotten a lot more proficient and actually prefer the GUni to my Coker 36 with same crank length.

That being said, when I can, I plan to upgrade to a KH26. When I got my KH24 years ago there wasn’t a KH26 and 24ers were much more prevalent and popular at that time including a wide range of tires. Now it seems the trend has shifted to the 26er and I got left behind! :astonished:

All things considered, I’ve ridden a 26er and 24er for years and really found not much appreciable difference. But like others have pointed out there are far more 26" tire options that 24" which is why one should go with the 26".

29er GUni? If all I could do was ride roads and some XC then a 29er would make an awesome GUni since it could still climb really well in hilly terrain in low gear (probably better than a 36er) and still be pretty fast everywhere else in high gear; also throw a trail tire on there and it would be pretty good for most MUni. May end up going this route if my foot ailments eventually preclude me from doing any hardcore MUni anymore.

36er GUni? If I lived in a flatish area and all I did was ride roads, or was planning a really long cross-country ride then I’d go this route. I like my Coker 36, but geared up would be fairly impractical where I ride.

Any GUni size you choose will be awesome!

I was on my 24 :slight_smile:


Oh. Well, Hong Kong is small anyway, so maybe it doesn’t matter? :smiley:

Anyway, it’s not a huge difference between 24" and 26", and it matters less on a 2-speed than on a “fixie”. I’d still get the 26". Besides, if you’re ordering a hub, it’ll probably take a while before it arrives. In the meantime, you can get the unicycle and get used to riding it…

I’m glad I kept my KH 24 with the LM and all that, because while I love my still new G26er, I’ve been really missing the more hard tech riding that I can’t do on the G26er, at least without risking serious–and expensive–hub damage. So it’s time to dust off the old work horse and take her out for some high flying fun! (If I even remember how, or still can!) :o

just got back from taking my g26er on its maiden voyage… still getting used to it but im already in love.

bye one mate you’ll love it.

I agree. I’d go for the 26" as well.
But I would not recommend to order a non-geared unicycle plus a hub, but a geared unicycle with a Schlumpf hub. By doing so, you don’t need to pay for the extra hub, and you don’t need to rebuild the wheel once you get the Schlumpf hub.
I don’t know how it works in the US. In Germany dealers are happy to sell custom made unicycles, charging only the parts that are actually used.

I’ve been trying not to be too overly aggressive with my G26er, as far as putting a lot of stress on the hub. After each ride I always check the cranks, shift buttons and bearing caps, and do a thorough cleaning about every other ride. I think by doing this I can extend the life of the hub and hopefully keep it problem free.

As for hub “stress”, the manual says drops up to 1.5 meters, which is almost 5 feet! I haven’t tried any drops that high on my G26er, and don’t want to risk hub damage, but yesterday I thought that it wouldn’t be too extreme to try a few gaps and hops.

I can say that doing that stuff on my G26er (with T handle) is way harder than on my regular 24. The G26er weighs nearly 18.5 lbs! That’s more than my totally decked out 36er with full length T-handle and aerobars! But It’s still doable. Here’s a little viddy I made.

No, it does not. Actually it says, drops of more than 1.5 meters are not ok. Which does not necessarily mean, drops up to 1.5 meters are ok.
In real life, I think it depends on a lot of factors: rider’s weight, dropping technique, slope and hardness of the ground you land on, …

Uh, yes it does. But I never said it was “ok”. It does not recommend it for the reasons indicated. The actual wording in this regard is quoted directly from the manual:

This hub has been tested on both roads and rough terrain with drops up to 1.5 m. However, due to variables such as rider weight, skill, riding style, and terrain conditions, it is not possible to warranty this hub as fit for a particular level of terrain difficulty or drop height. While intended for mountain unicycling, it is not appropriate for aggressive freeriding (big drops) or trials.

…which is precisely why I don’t do drops anywhere near 1.5 meters on my GUni. The factors you mentioned, as well as those in the manual, are pretty common sense, but there will always be a few who will either not consider those factors or just disregard them end up with a damaged or broken hub.

So the more think about it the mOre difficult it becomes. There seem lots of fans of the 26 wheel around lots of tires lots of reasons to get a 26. I’m so almost there

My 1 issue is at the moment mont of my unicycling centers
Around hockey which I love, really enjoying it. I’m looking for my geared uni to brank out go further and faster. But in a way would like to use my hockey time on the new uni too

Family commitments limit hobby time somewhat and the uni hockey is my regular thing.

So am I being silly looking to use this road / mountain uni indoors for hockey, my feeling is the closer it is to what I use now and the more I use it the easier the change will be.

So 24 or 26… Decision time looms


I have both a G29 and G36 … I love the G29, first one I grab for almost all riding unless I am doing really long distance then I use the G36.

I use a Continental race king 29 tyre which is ok for the road but will do most off road stuff too :slight_smile: