Schlumpf Axle Bolt Spec - 200 series

Hello all :wave:

I have tried in vein to search older posts to find details for a Schlumpf hub’s axle bolt. I can see in 2016 they went to a M14 - but I’ve just ordered 2 x M10s from UDC UK as a back up for my soon to arrive M0274 hub.

However I can’t see any post or info if this is the correct bolt for that era hub.

Additionally I’ve heard that the small grub / set screw for the buttons has changed - and as the hub comes with out its tools wondering if someone with that era hub could enlighten me as to the type of Allen key or torx key I might need for carefully adjusting buttons / tightening when needed.

2mm, 3mm or something else?

My OCD is being kicked into high gear a wee bit with the soon to arrive Schlumpf project - but any help here would be amazing so I can be fully prepared :pray:


For a schlumpf hub from M200 to M399, you need a 2.5mm Allen key to ajust the buttons.

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Thanks so much for that.

One day I’ll scour the forum here and build together a Schlumpf Tips and Tricks - Need to Know Manual. So much buried knowledge and variations for each version.

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There are subjects that already exist, but there are links that no longer work.


Thanks for threading these in.

Yes I remember reading them and notice it mentioned a move from M12 - M14 in 2016. Oddly been able to order M10 axle bolts for the Schlumpf. No idea what will turn up as they were listed as M14. Hoping not M14 as want some back ups for the 200 series.

Perhaps this is just a mislabelling and the M10 is in fact an M12.

We will see! :pray: Thanks again!

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Sorry to bug people on this topic again. Call it Schlumpf OCD :nerd_face:

Ordered two of these as backups for my 274 hub due to arrive tomorrow. Yep excited!

The listed speaks about the bolts being M14s. But the product code is M10.

I’m principally trying to work out if these are the correct version or backwards compatible with my series of hub.

If not, then I’ll be returning them - and currently they do to my eyes look like M14s but it just isn’t clear if the change in spec means for anyone with an older hub they have to source bolts with the spec before the change.

Added to this the manual also refers to using a 2mm hex key for the buttons but the fig. shows 2.5mm (which was confirmed correct for my series above). It just adds to the overall fuzziness I have regarding what to use / get for the 200series.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help here :pray:

I ordered a bolt in UDC China, does not fit in my M800+ hub. Then I realized it’s a M12, which should be a leftover of them years ago. I’m going to return it but @mindbalance if you need one, I can send it to you (only one, and this is the last one in stock).

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That’s very kind of you - and yes, I’ll never say no to rare spare parts for my older series hub.

I’ll DM you later today :pray:

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