scared to jump?

ok i went for a “ride” today and i was kinda scared to jump off the stuff. and i jumped off park benches succesful and i was still scared to do it. do you just get over it? all help appreciated.

go jump off of a 5’ ledge
and get over your fears… while bending the crap out of your unicycle

… its really not that high
many people can jump higher than that easily
just think of it like this, if someone can hop that high 3000 times … then you can jump from the apex of the hop and land it …

well First … Why are you scared??? scared to bust up ur Unicycle, then just think if i break this one i can buy a even better one… if your scared to hurt yourself, wear leg guards (recommended) or jsut think well if i get hurt i will have a cool scar or bruse, and no pain no gain, or You will enventually heal your self (may not be true, but i tell myself that all the time)…

find a ramp that drops to flat which at the highest point is over 4 feet. Now, start at about one foot and drop it like 5 times. Then go to about 2 feet. Work it up to the big 4/5’ drop. I remember the first time I did a 4 footer. Fun, and easy :).

You get over it, yeah. One option is to just make yourself jump off something really big (as big as your uni can take, anyway; you don’t wanna break it), and when you land that, anything smaller gets extremely easier. The mind is weird like that.

Another option is, as someone mentioned, to work your way up with steady, incremental increases in the drop-height.

u just have to do. try not to think about it. oh and dont waste time just sitting there thinking abnout it or looking at it. just do it or dont. or roll up to it like 3 or 4 times. then just do it.

i have this 2 ft drop outside my house i was scared to go off till i got my new trials. so i got it and went off.

the tire bounced more than im used to and launched me into the outside corner of my garage. scraped my neck, nearly shattered my collarbone, and horribly sprained my thumb.

but now i make it every time. just do it. you’ll feel great when you’v done it.

i also had a terrible fear of jumping onto things. yesterday i broke my seat in record with a jump of 1 ft. however, on the way down my pinned pedals left a 4 inch gash on my shin.

lesson: the motto of unicycling is “just suck it up and go for it” however, wear 661s while sucking and going.

just do it wile in the air get your feet paralel and just not think about it or pretend is a 1 footer:) hope that helps and if you get hurt :astonished: retire for the day and do it again the next day:D

you broke your seat on a 1’ jump… what the heck are you doing??
landing on the seat??
OUCH!!!(it needs so many more exclamation marks)

It also helps if you record it… cuz then your like if i land it it would look SICk in a movie, OR it would be a SICK fall in my movie…

It’s easier to work your way up larger drops over time. Start with curbs and small stuff, and after those become relatively easy move up to some slightly taller things. Over time your technique will improve and you won’t have to think twice about jumping off of a bench.

i didnt break my seat! i lost the pedal and took a pin to the leg, leaving a long, bloody gash.

strangely, it didnt hurt in the slightest bit.

well i did what you guys said. i went off a bench like 100 times yesterday and i think im gonna go to 3 and 4 feeters. also i weight 200lbs and i ride on an LX. will it hold up? or should i go get some new pedals?

Does anyone besides me think jumping off stuff is much easier and less nervewracking than rolling off?

depends what the drop is like.

for me, height, length, and room are two big factors.

for example…if i’m going to drop from one skinny that i’ve been riding along, down onto another, it’s the width of the skinny that i’d be dropping onto that determines whether or not i’m going to roll or jump down. if there is little room for error, because the skinny is really narrow, i’ll jump down, since it allows for more precise maneuvering.

im not really ‘scared’ to do high drops and whats not but i am scared of breaking my uni. i have already bent the hub out of whack.

jeesus! several 3 foot drops at 200lbs would absolutely destroy an LX. new pedals are not the solution, you’re eventually going to need a new hub.

just ride it until it breaks or the cranks start to bend. then buy a trials

that has to be the best advice i have ever seen anybody give anybody:D that is perfect (listen to this)

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go to and search for east haddam.
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yeah, anyway, its near haddam (obviously) near colchester, and maybe 20 min from middletown.