save your crotch

I trapped a nut on the landing from a 3set last week, need I say it was very unpleasant. Since that incident I have been considering ways to protect my junk. There are easy options including jockstraps, cycling shorts and so on but I think the best bet is to whip something up 2 fit.

I call it the sockstrap it’s fairly simple and you can make it in about 5 to 10 min.

  1. Find an odd sock (thin material has better ventilation).
  2. cut a hole in the sole of the sock (big enough to incorporate your junk)
  3. Hold the top of the sock (with junk inside) and jiggle or jump to make sure your nice and snug so nothings gonna pop out when your riding your unicycle
  4. Optionally you can cut a hole in the front as well to create a sort of cradle

wear it with the ankle part of the sock sticking out the top of your trousers and you can give it quick tug to reorganize yourself quickly just before a rolling hop to save your crotch from potential danger.

Please reply with any comments just try and be mature about it as I am sure this must be a subject that many male unicyclists consider

Both brilliant and obscene :D. If it works, it works though, so good on you :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you maybe post a video demonstrating assembly and how to put it on?:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

in all seriousness though, unless i misunderstood something it sounds as if this may actually make you more vulnerable to such injury.


well im no doctor but this seems to work for me n stops me having to grab my balls every time i sit down to place them atop the seat.
give it a try n get back 2 me.

be more honest with yourself when deciding how big of a hole to cut :roll_eyes:

What about if you catch the bit sticking out the top of your trousers and end up castrating yourself?!
I’m not entirely sure I understand which bit is holding what either. Could there be possible missunderstanding for being a bit too excited if you arranged in the wrong position?!

the idea is its suppose to work a bit like these suspensories things:

Well in that case, doesn’t it make you look like you’ve got an erection?!

My socks are too big…

Mine are too small? :roll_eyes:

Ha ha! made you saw underwear!

Step one: cut a hole in a box …

Step two: put your junk in the box…

Interesting idea. It’s a strapless suspensory. Seems like it would be functional for trials and street riders. Might work for muni but you’d have to figure out a way to minimize or eliminate potential chafing.

This is going to need a catchy name and some marketing.

Love Tug? You give it a tug to protect the love.

Junk In The Box? Do you got your junk in the box?

whats wrong with sockstrap? I thought it was pretty clever.

Wow, and you think a NORMAL pair of socks would get stinky…just think…

That’s good.


Its funny and politically bashing him!

Im glad I dont have a problem sitting on the seat, or with jumping. =p

you guys realy are crazy!