Santa Barabra MUni Classic? (SBMC)

It would be so cool to get something like this organized! (Hint hint, SB Muni!) There are so many awesome, challenging and great MUni trails in SB, all within a stone’s throw of each other, and all offering their own unique terrain.

The trail I rode today, “Cold Spring”, is the same place where I had my 100 foot + plunge over an embankment, and I hadn’t gone more than a couple miles in. I initially wanted to go today to check out the trail further up. there are MANY unmarked intersections and one wrong turn and you get lost! So I was also there to nail down the right directions for future rides.

Cold Spring trail has got to be the most technically “chunky” of any trail I have ever ridden or seen! Mile for mile, it is as steep and technically challenging as it gets! About 4 miles up, at 3,300 feet, is Montecito peak with incredible views. I know the SB MUni guys love this trail, and I believe Kris has ridden here several times as well, and should be able to attest as to its MUni-Magnificence!

Today must’ve been national HIKING day, because there were literally HUNDREDS of hikers making an almost constant stream in both directions! This made it a real challenge to set up shots and shoot them, let alone ride! As soon as one group would pass, I would be about to start shooting, when another group would file by in the other direction. I think it must’ve been a huge Sierra club thing. Got some great comments though!

This trail is an mtb paradise, but they were far and few between today, and the heavy hiker traffic was no doubt the reason. Anyway, I shot what I could and the video is below. As usual, the camera just can’t do justice to the steepness or the ruggedness of the terrain; You really have to be there in person…kind of like Fargo st., up close and personal, haha!

If you get off track though it’s a canyon. You can still just head out of the canyon, I am always amazed by the stories the sheriff tells about people that get LOST there, and literally cannot find their way back to civilization, and end up being rescued at night. You have 2 directions to go, either up the mountain, or down the mountain.

And I def think we should do an SB event!

Taking the wrong turns would basically just waste a lot of time, trying to figure out where you are. I try never to ask hikers directions; either they don’t know, not sure, or they are so vague or tell you there’s ten different ways to go, then the next person you ask gives you another ten ways to go!

But yeah, SB has some of the best MUni trail in SoCal! It’s just a long drive from LA; about 210 miles round trip, so it’s not too practical to go more than once every few months.

I know Hans and a few others live up there, which is great for them to have such awesome trails right in there backyard! Only thing is, I’m not sure how much they ride anymore, and I guess SBuni’s website is no more. The other thing is, riding those trails too often can really wear you out…and burn you out! I like to mix things up with some nice variety; 36er distance riding, 29er XC, technical MUni, hill climbing, and backyard trials, and coming soon…26er Schlumpf-ing! :slight_smile:

There are camp sites at refugio beach, and on the backside of the mountain on paradise road.

I have to stay in motel/hotels because of so much trouble sleeping. White noise, ear plugs, totally dark room, sleep aid. :o

That’s some requirements for sleep there Muni…For me to sleep i just have to be dry!

Anything else goes (Wind, noise, hard ground, etc)

You just try and wake me up when i’m not ready!

For me-and most people-a good night’s sleep is one of the most important requirements for a healthy life, and a must for extreme MUni/Uni! If I have a bad day on the trail, it’s almost always because of not enough sleep.

I couldn’t agree more! A good nights sleep is a must!
I’m just lucky enough to be able to have a good nights sleep wherever i am :slight_smile:

Complete darkness for me, I used to live downtown so I am used to a lot of noises, and nature is the best white noise :slight_smile:

I have a white noise feature on my alarm clock. I also can use my little transistor radio tuned to the bottom of the fm dial. It’s pure white noise but smooth and consistent. I can’t have random sounds it has to be the same constant.

That’s explains for being ‘Not “2” Tired’ and kept your video channel more interested. :smiley:
Love water fall scene and how come you couldn’t make a jump to other side? Just Kidding! Kept up and looking forward to see your next video with 26" Guni.

Thanks Mike. I was going to do a fun 36er beach ride at Huntington beach today, but the crazy high winds would make it not so fun. Plus, I’m heading to my brother’s house this morning to help tutor him on video editing.

Terry, have you ever injured yourself? I don’t mean superficial stuff, but something that put you out of commission for some healing? When I ride up to something technical (downhill) I go around it or walk. I worry mostly about twisting an ankle. I think I could ride over a lot of that stuff, but the idea of severe injury stops me. I’m either chicken or have too much common sense.

I look forward to hearing about your GUni adventures. I’m sure you will be one of those who shifts a few times and then you’ll be out there riding crazy. I hope you get it soon.

For that reason I wear LOTS of pads (but, knee/shin, and elbow). I felt the padding on my 661 Bomber shorts and 4X4’s was insufficient, so I added some for the tailbone and knee.

again!:wink: They met for at least the first two years.

Edit: or was that Santa Cruiz?

Jess Reigal (Jester2000) seems to be still active and in the area and definately a great rider:D His vids were among the best in their day.

Yes, in fact, I just got a voicemail from him the other night (not sure where he got my phone number, I probably I emailed him a while back) and he said that he wanted to get back into riding! Very cool.

I forgot about it until just now. I’m not very good with phone messages. I’ll have to give him a call back tomorrow.


I’ve had several injuries, some very painful. Luckily no broken bones–or back–like a couple riders I know! They were both really freak accidents, but it can happen, and happen to the best of them, like Kris’s injury that required extensive surgery.

I try to be extra careful and survey the more scary stuff as much as possible before I attempt it. If I have doubts about a certain drop or whatever, I usually won’t do it because I want to have total confidence and do it with authority. Most of my injuries have been the result of either not totally committing, or taking on something beyond my skill level.

But on a side note if you don’t push your limits you can’t progress

That’s why you find ways of reducing the risk w/o the difficulty and practice it that way.

Like on a home trials/bumb course in your yard, so you fall on grass instead of concrete or rocks.

It’s one reason why I like to commute and do urban Muni on my 20" freestyle. I’m lower to the ground, going slower, and it doesn’t roll over objects easily. I’ll commute a bunch, really push myself, then get on my Muni for some trails and have more skill and confidence to handle stuff I previously couldn’t w/o scaring myself.

True, and I continue to do so and love the challenge, and the satisfaction that comes from actually succeeding at what you set out to do! What also helps a lot is visualizing what I want to do, not just in unicycling, but in life in general. Seeing your own success in your mind’s eye is a great motivator, and when you actually make it happen, it’s all the more rewarding. :slight_smile:

Yes, I used to do lots of practice drops to grass or sand, just to get the feel, rhythm and timing of it. Seemed to give me more confidence when it came time to do it on solid ground.

When doing particularly difficult technical lines on a given trail for the first time, I will usually walk the section, or stand at the top and carefully observe the line I want to do. I always like to pick out the more challenging lines because I know it will make me a better rider than always taking the easiest route.

It’s my basic philosophy that I’ve quoted many times: “Life is a lot like Mountain Unicycling; It’s not about avoiding the obstacles, but meeting them head on, and overcoming them!” :slight_smile: