Santa Barabra MUni Classic? (SBMC)

Another great video, Terry. I especially liked the shot with the camera out on the stick in front of you. It’s hard to depict actual MUni riding, but that was a great sample. I’d recommend paying a little more attention to having the camera level when you set it up (unless you want a tilted effect). Notice how in some shots everyone is a little crooked? Makes it harder to imagine the riding in those shots. :slight_smile:

I would love to go to another MUni Weekend in SB! The 2005 edition we had there was one of my favorites, with amazing trails and excellent organization by Eyal, Hans and the guys who ran it. And those trails were awesome. I’ve only ridden there once; that weekend. Would love to go back.

Say hi to Jess from me if you see him! I still have his awards from U Games; we never connected while he was in town afterward… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks John. The GoPro is really the perfect camera for those stick-cam shots, and next to my ucc, it’s the next best thing to having someone tracking you while you ride, except for the fact that it’s really hard to keep your filming arm/hand still while the other is flailing about to maintain balance over the uneven, rocky terrain! I’m working on a kind of steadycam concept to help get smoother hand-held pov shots.

I try to pay close attention to each shot I set up, and sometimes if the camera is slightly off kilter, it makes the shot look a bit more intense. For the most part, the hikers comments were caught at the moment they said them as they walked into camera view.

Sometimes if they are too far from the camera when they make a particularly funny or interesting comment, I’ll ask them to repeat it again as the get closer to the camera. They always seem to be happy to do so. :slight_smile:

Ah, to be young and foolish again…

All told, in my short life I have broken all of my fingers (some more than once) , thumb x 1, a few toes, ankle x 1, wrist x 1, foot x 3, jaw x 1, teeth x 2, back/ neck x 1, rib x 2, elbow x 1, shoulder AC joint x 2, numerous sprains and muscle tears, more than 200 stitches in a dozen sites. And only one of these injuries was due to an MVA (foot, back, neck).

I wear wrist guards and occassionally shin guards when I ride, my thrill seeking days are over, I walk scary stuff, I want to be able to ride tomorrow and the next day, and the week after that, and a month later, etc…

Enjoy your youth, it’ll be gone faster than you think.

So, is this Santa Barbara thing going to happen?

ya you may me right but if you can’t have fun doing it and you think the risk is to much. my dad is still doing bike trials he is 50 with a artificial hip

“Might be right”, hahahhahha, you have no idea yet.

Fun is what you make of it. If you found yourself laid up in bed for six months unable to ride, would that be fun? Every time you get hurt, you learn, and in time what you learn shapes what you do and don’t do.

An artificial hip is small potatoes, you should try being me first thing in the morning when I go to put on socks :astonished:

When I was in my teens, I saw a picture of an aged football star leaning against a wall while putting on his shoes. At that time I was like, “wow, that’s what happens to you when you play football for years”. Now, I think back to that picture and I think, “wow, that’s what happens to you when you get old” :smiley:

Talk is cheap young one, remember this discussion thirty years from now, then look yourself in the mirror and see if you’re everything you hoped you’d be.

And do let me know when you want to ride, we’ll see who pushes whom :wink:

I, like Nurse Ben, spent a great deal of my youth at the emergency room. Compound fractures of the femur, tibia, fibula: reconstructed ankle and knee: broken wrist, ribs. arm. foot, toes, nose: too many pins and stiches to name.

And, like Nurse Ben, I get off and walk sketchy spots to live to ride another day. Healing is a much slower process after 50 and the injuries sustained in youth can cause you pain in later years, but I am not sure I would trade any of my experiences for an unbroken body.

So, I echo NB in telling you to enjoy your youth and take your risks while you have the ability to recover from most of them.

I’ve had some pretty nasty injuries in the past, but luckily no broken bones. I do have a fair amount of “trepidation” before doing the more extreme stuff, like big drops, or a particularly steep and rocky line that could result in serious injury.

But I still usually go for it because I love the challenge and feeling “rush” of the moment. It’s also a great feeling of satisfaction when you do it successfully. And most of the time, I find that doing that drop or technical line looked much harder than it actually was. Of course, even something that looks easy can result in injury if your timing and execution is off. That’s why if I go for it, I must commit 100% and “know” that I can do it. Confidence is such a big part of being successful, imo. :slight_smile:

Part of it is also that I feel relatively young and strong, and don’t really think in terms of age. But as I get older, I tend not to do the more risky stuff just for its own sake, like jumping off of a telephone booths and tractors, haha. :o

No muni ben no money for toys ATM but if ya wanted to ride trials let’s :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha. I had to struggle to reach my feet this morning. It made me mad and laugh at the same time. I really hate this aging process. I thought maybe the geezer guys aged more slowly than geezer girls. It always seems the 50+ dudes are invincible to unicycling. I was jealous.

Yeah the youth thing flew by way too fast. I started missing it a few years ago. Luckily unicycling has helped me gain strength and lose a few pounds.
NB, what did you do to get so many injuries?

Road biking, Mountain Bike, Mountain Boarding, Skateboarding, Downhill Skating, Rock Climbing, Whitewater Kayaking, Trail Running, Dog Bite, Motorcycle Crash(s), Alpine and Telemark Skiing, Snowboarding, and of course Unicycling.

Gave up paddling due to shoulder injuries and too many close calls; that whole drowning thing is a real bummer :stuck_out_tongue:

Gave up trail running due to hip and back pain, seriously, most of my back problems went away when I stopped running.

Gave up , motorcycles, road biking cuz it’s just too dangerous :roll_eyes:

Gave up dog baiting, started losing my edge :smiley:

I still ski quite a bit (45-50 days a year), starting back to snowboarding this summer, hard boots and big boards! Watch out Colorado, two weeks and counting!

I’ve thought about taking up Base Jumping and/or hang gliding, but my wife said NO!

Next sport: Kiteboarding :slight_smile:

My hero passed away last month, Jack Lelanne, now that guy was a stud> I’ve admired him since I was a teen, staying trim, fit, and active into your nineties, yup, that’s the real deal.

So Terry, how did you manage to stay broken bone free for so long? You best be knocking on wood (your head?) daily, cuz you done jinxed yourself!!

I used to race dh MTb that was painful and dirt jumping was fun bit hurt very bad when you wrecked and ww kayaking is still very fun to me :). My new toy for this year is a super moto :slight_smile: I took the sumo insted of the 4wd truck to find trials spots.few down sides to this method is that if you like to ride in shorts you can’t and you got to change into shoes every spot you find :frowning: