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My class (electronics) is taking a trip to San Fransisco 13.-22. march. We will have arranged stuff most of the days from 13. to 18. march, but the last days we do what we want.

Are there any unicyclist in San Fransisco with a unicycle to lend away in this period. Anything special uni-related happening in the area in this period?

Rusty, Norway

There’s a unicycle basketball game on Tuesdays in Berkeley.
It’s reasonably likely there will be some MUni stuff going on that weekend, in preparation for Moab.
Post or send me a message, we can work something out.

I live out near berkley, and would love to get together with other unicyclists. WHen/where do you guys meet?

Hey. I ride all over SF, but mostly I’ve been focusing on the southeatern part and northeast part of the city. If you want to do some riding with me it could probably be arranged. I don’t have an extra uni, but I do have a nice muni and a bc wheel. I’m happy to share both.

I’m sure there’ll be a muni ride around that time in preperation for moab, and I don’t see why wse couldn’t fina muni for you to use if you need one.

SF public transportation is pretty excellent (in general), so you won’t need a car or a taxi.

We meet at 6:30 PM on Tuesdays, at Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley during the winter.

I would take issue with the idea that SF has even an average public transportation system; the only good thing about it is that it’s called MUNI.

Tom, I don’t understand. It’s definitely not uyp to the standards held in places like Japan, but I don’t understand why someone from Berkeley is talking. It’s an hour between busses in Oakland and Berkeley, and they don’t even go everywhere. I’ve never waited for a bus for longer than 40 minutes in SF. I think that it’s pretty amazing that you can get from anywhere to anywhere in San Francisco by walking 2-3 blocks and taking 2 buses.

I grew up using the New York transit system, which is far better than MUNI. Plus, pretty much every major non-US city has a better transportation system than MUNI.

I just moved here from Houston, where one hour waits fir the bus were the norm… Granted im in Contra Costa county, but the service here is actually accurate to within 10 minutes. Definately a welcome change.

Ialmost wish I didn’t have banjo lessons on tuesdays. I’d like to meet up with you guys.

This sounds fun, if it is some munitrip in the area at the time I have spare time (18. - 21/22.). And I’ll try and see about the basketball, I have never played unibasket.

Rusty, Norway


How cool are the police with Urban Trials in San Francisco? I hear that the scene is sketchy if you ride a skateboard of a BMX bike.

Just curious!


I’ll put it this way. Go down to a busy plaza like Justin herman, and the skate guards are about 3/4" thick stainless steel, and the cover EVERYTHING. I was riding and noticed them on a 4’ ledge. Either sf skaters are insanely good, or someone went a bit crazy.

I’ve gotten kicked out of Justin Herman plaza twice for doing trials, both times from the exact same spot. If you talk nice you won’t get ticketed, though.


I am leaving next thursday from Trondheim, and sunday from Oslo.

Rusty, Norway

Weather permitting, we are still meeting for basketball at 6:30 PM on Tuesdays, at Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley.

There should be a MUni ride on Sunday morning the 20th of March. Also, the Berkeley Juggling Club meets at 5:30 PM on Fridays if you’re interested in that.

I grew up in Detroit. MUNI beats Detroit by a hundred miles. Do you think the car company lobbies might have something to do with that?

But actually I grew up in the suburbs. For the most part, you have to be in a major city to expect any kind of decent mass transit.

Good luck Rusty. Also it stays light this time of year until 18:00! :slight_smile: If nobody gets a good MUni ride together that weekend, maybe somone can give you a ride out to the Sacramento area, and we can do a group ride in Auburn or somewhere.

I live in Norway, in the summer a bit more north the sun never goes down :slight_smile:

Rusty, Norway

Yes, but isn’t it dark right now? :astonished:

I visited Sweden in November (1983). Dark! And that was in the southern part of the country!

Re: San Francisco

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 11:45:30 -0600, “johnfoss” wrote:

> Yes, but isn’t it dark right now? :astonished:

No it’s right now about the same as in California, and indeed in all
inhabited parts of the world.

On the day of the vernal equinox (20 March this year), sunrise and
sunset are 'exactly’12 hours apart everywhere on the world, give or
take some second order corrections. In the few weeks before and after
that, the deviations from the 12 hours are rather small. Conversely,
in June and in December the differences across the world reach their

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