San diego!

Hay all im puttin the word out! I am gonna be in San Diego from Monday(21st) to Thursday. I’m tryin to get a ride together while im down there. I am lookin at Wednesday, but still flexible. Let me know if you down to throw down!

Cell: 760 963 9632

(Please no comments on how I should not put my phone number out on the big scary internet)

Yes, comments like that should be left via voicemail. :slight_smile:

Alas, I’ll be down in SD June 30 - July 4!

Yes, voicemail prefered. Lol my number is on alot of websites as it is from entertainment so I just dont really care lol.

bah, your gonna be gettin there right after I leave!

San Diego? Who wants to go to that dump? :wink: